Jaafari: Russia has been unable to distance from the struggle against Daesh and our people united ranks to confront terrorism

2016/9/14 16:15

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Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, said on Wednesday that Russia has been unable to distance from the struggle against Daesh gangs, noting that "the Iraqi people united ranks to confront terrorism."

Jaafari said the agency "RIA Novosti" Russian "We can not discuss the strategy of other countries, but Russia sees a threat posed by Daesh and understand that it can not be a repudiation of the case, so all countries should unite their efforts in the fight against terrorism."

The minister praised the "ongoing cooperation between Russia and Iraq in the framework of the Russian informational center Syrian Iraq-Iran joint, by the Baghdad-based, adding that" the fight against Daesh require joint efforts in the field of exchange of information, in particular. "

Furthermore, al-Jaafari noted that, during a press conference, held at the Royal Institute for Defence and Security Studies, based in London, that "internal and external mass migration pose the biggest challenge facing Iraq after the threat of terrorism," stressing that "the priority for the government, lies in maintaining the infrastructure, repair and rebuild what has been destroyed, in order to provide an opportunity for people to return to their homes in the future. "

Jaafari stressed that the government "takes place in extremely difficult conditions, reforms have paid off," explaining that "his country is moving forward on the path of democracy, while the government is locked, day and night, a struggle against corruption."

Jaafari praised the conduct of the democratic process in his country, adding that "the parliament and broadly representative is not afraid to study various issues, even if it is more severe, he said," Sure, there are difficulties, but that is normal for any young democracy. "

Jaafari also announced that "the Iraqi people were able to close ranks in the face of the threat of terrorism, adding that his country needs today, more than ever, the support of other countries."

The minister went on saying, "We do not need foreign military, because the Iraqi people are particularly sensitive to it, but we are open to help, and we have oil and other civilization and resources, and accept assistance and we appreciate all of the support us, currently faced with extraordinary situations and we need to help, at a time Daesh enjoys the support about a hundred citizens of a foreign country, arriving in Iraq to fight alongside Daesh terrorist. "