Agreement on Basra Council EXA and qualify by (die)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016-10:05 am

Basra Governorate Council Chairman Franck morning to reach an agreement with the Ministry of transport requires provincial Council adopted the EXA and the rehabilitation of the road link between Zubair and Umm Qasr area known as the highway of death for frequent traffic accidents occurring in the Ministry would be important other methods combined EXA road connecting both Safwan and Umm Qasr to highway rehabilitation project.

Franck said in a statement to radio Marbad conservative Council earmarked some 530 million as a down payment to qualify the way between Zubair and Umm Qasr, where the first phase of work involves pouring concrete road after isolating the service to the people of Um Qasr road area through the port.

The agreement by Franck drew with the Ministry also required the annexation of Ukrainian company contracting with the Department of transportation to rehabilitate the highway, about 25 miles of road between Safwan and Umm Qasr and Safwan bridge extended down to UM Qasr for highway rehabilitation project being considered an extension.

Regarding the road from aldaker Street towards baltmimet passing through alhakimih and dockyard and even old Navy Command Center in Basra had Franck Ministry embraced the work's close, rehabilitation after lifting his abusers, noting that paving the road can lift the momentum on the road linking the publican chloroplast regions currently embryonic and down to time Square Mall and easy movement of vehicles in the city centre.

The Basra Council Chairman also noted that the Shatt Al-Basra bridge projects in addition to another bridge between Zubair bridge and bridge Muhammad Qasim and qualify by Muhammad Qasim military bridge down to the bridge of Mohammed Qasim as well as to the road adjacent to the Shatt Al-Basra from the other side, are in the process of referral by the SOC according to agreement with the Ministry of oil and the company.