Jabouri stresses the need to address the reasons that led to the emergence of organizing ISIS

2 hours ago


Search House speaker Selim Jabouri in his Office, Wednesday morning, with us Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Lincoln and his entourage of security and political developments in the country, especially with regard to the war on terror ISIS planning file.

He said that "today's preoccupation with Setup and configuration of the battle of Nineveh, pointing to the need to invest in high morale and momentum of recent victories achieved in not granting an opportunity to terrorism to hardness and is the responsibility of Iraq cannot bear alone."

He noted that planning for post-ISIS is as important as the Elimination of this extremist organization phase, stressing the need to address the reasons that led to his appearance and intellectual rehabilitation and myself and my community to prevent exposure to such as undoing that damage Iraq and Iraqis hurt.

And that political stability is guaranteed for the next phase, which requires further joint effort and fast processors and real crises that will support reform that little engagement party and people "is what we work for, and strive in his path." (End)