Iraq stock exchange recorded decreases varying plant by 2016

Economy news/Baghdad

Iraq stock exchange market announced on Tuesday recorded varying reductions many traded companies listed and traded stock value and number of deals and stock index since the beginning of the year 2016 and last until the end of August.

Executive Director of the Iraq market for securities, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, pursued in the "economy", "market index record from the period (31 December 2015)-(August 31, 2016), different changes with market change reached (-2.04%) The number of listed companies at the end of the year 2015 (98) at the end of August 2016 (96), noting that the number of traded companies registered a change also arrived (20.73%) where he was in the same dates (82) company reached (65) company. "

Abdel Salam added that the number of shares traded rose for the same period the limits (13.09%) Where at the end of last year 2015 (619) billion shares, until the end of August this year 2016 (700) billion shares, traded value decreased in proportion (-40.81%) Where was the same periods (495) billion dinars, down to (293) billion dinars, "Noting that" the number of listed shares was registered at the end of last year 2015 (8712) billion shares at the end of August recorded (8918) billion shares, to score higher (2.36%).

Abdel Salam said, "other indicators also declined since the end of last year 2015 until the end of August in the year 2016, with the number of transactions change (-38.13%) Having been (120978) deal fell through (74847) deal, "pointing out that" stock index (ISX 60) registered a decline (-23.25%) After that he (730.56 points) dropped to (560.730) point ".

In the same context, "said Abdel Salam, the number of shares and the value of trades and transactions for non-Iraqis also declined, with the number of shares purchased value decrease (-1.10%) And the value of the purchased trades (36.42%.) Number of transactions (30.48%). "

The Iraq market for securities, announced on Monday, (5 September 2016), 84.637 billion shares traded during the month of August, with the value in billion dinars 47.433 confirmed a rise in the value of shares traded in Exchange for a reduction in their number.