Member of the parliamentary integrity: big heads involved in corruption and salute her files for actors

2016/09/14 10:06

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} parliamentary integrity Committee member confirmed, coracoid process, the involvement of big heads in corruption cases.

She said the coracoid process {Euphrates news} to investigate integrity files takes a long time for having more than one involved in these files.

She added that "corruption in State institutions and unethical for advanced stages, there are a lot of heads almntvzeh in the country involved in corruption cases," Noting that its investigation is completed, the files will be transferred to the relevant authorities for appropriate action. "

A member of the integrity Commission, Mohammed Kahn to {Euphrates news}, earlier, that the problem in the fight against corruption lies in the modest performance of executive bodies competent to fight financial and administrative corruption, including financial control and body integrity and public inspectors offices, as a true executive arms in the fight against corruption. "

Iraqi arena saw many corrupt files, notably licensing contracts, arms deals, and others but has yet to be resolved.

The Office of the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, announced 11 July last, Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations to involve international investigators in major corruption priority files, for its part, the United Nations Mission in Iraq said {UNAMI}, that its development will work in accordance with the terms of the agreement, recruitment of international investigators to help train Iraqi investigators and advise ", stating" the principal investigator will be located in the integrity and the Supreme Judicial Council.

It is said that, the Prime Minister's Office said Monday that "the Government adopted a strategy to fight corruption and support.