Jubouri Vice Kerry: planning for the post-Daesh no less important than the elimination stage it

2016/9/14 12:30

[Where - Baghdad]

Search Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri on Wednesday, with Anthony Blinken, deputy US Secretary of State John Kerry fight Daesh gangs and preparations Battle of Nineveh.

A statement by his press office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "al-Jubouri received Blinken and his accompanying delegation of Special Envoy of US President Brett Mkorik and director of the National Security Council for Iraq, Joseph Harris and Under Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Joseph Banngton as well as the US ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman during the meeting, an extensive search for the overall security and political developments in the country, especially with regard to the war on file Daesh terrorist gangs. "

Chairman of the House of Representatives said that the "main concern today is to prepare and Althaoh of the Battle of Nineveh interval," pointing to "the need for investment and high momentum of recent victories morale achieved, in not granting an opportunity for terrorism to be emboldened again a responsibility that can not be for Iraq to be borne alone."

He added that "planning for the post-Daesh no less important than the elimination of the extremist organization phase, stressing the need to address the causes that led to his appearance and direct operations Rehabilitation intellectual and myself and my community to prevent exposure to such misfortune that caused Iraq and Iraqis, the great harm."

And between President al-Jubouri, according to the statement that the guarantee of political stability for the next phase, which requires more joint effort and rapid real crises that will support the reform process, which anticipated by the people and the processors which is what we are working for him and work hard in the process. "

The US embassy in Baghdad, announced Tuesday the arrival of Anthony Blinken, US Deputy Secretary of State [John Kerry] to Iraq in the two-day visit.