Coalition aircraft destroyed a factory for producing chemical weapons in Iraq

13/9/2016 now agencies 8:46:11 PM

The Pentagon announced Tuesday that the US-led coalition aircraft destroyed factories in Iraq used by organization ISIS for the production of chemical weapons.

Brigadier Geoffrey haringhian, Commander of the U.S. forces in central command likely factory that was used in the past to produce drugs, was used to make chlorine gas or mustard gas.

He told reporters at the Pentagon in a telephone call that ' this is another example of blatant violation of ISIS International laws and customs.

The RAID occurred Monday near Mosul and by fighter aircraft and ground attack aircraft and two rocket launchers, a b-52.

Observers accused Islamic State over the use of chemical weapons, the Pentagon confirmed that the jihadists had used chlorine gas, mustard gas.

Preparations are continuing Iraqi forces backed by Coalition aircraft, to launch an attack to retake Mosul controlled Islamic State since 2014, is the last major stronghold in Iraq.