Sumo source: Iraq plans to export 101 million barrels of oil during the next month.

2016-09-13 16:47:19

مصدر في سومو: العراق يخطط لتصدير 101 مليون برميل نفط خلال ال

Baghdad Habib Marwan.

Detect source from inside the Iraqi State company for exporting oil "Sumo", about an Iraqi plan currently being implemented, aspires to increase production next October, about 23.000 barrels, to achieve this both an hundred million barrels a month.+

The source you quoted about foreign news sites, sky said, that Iraqi export will reach higher rates without fear of accumulation of oil tankers to ports, causing chaos, noting that some of the oil, will pay accounts to developers working on oil wells.

The export ratio planned for next month, represent a kind of shock to the global market, which talks about a moratorium on the export of oil States even restore the original price after the roof fell, where would increase Iraq, a blow to those efforts