The arrival of security forces from Baghdad to "deter armed tribal conflicts and appearances" in Maysan

13/09/2016 16:41

Long-Presse / Maysan

Maysan Provincial Council, announced on Tuesday, the arrival of the security forces from the capital, Baghdad, to deter tribal conflicts to maintain, its city of Amara (375 km) south of Baghdad, said it is the first installment that link the province, and while noting promote the preservation additional troops end of the holiday after, called on citizens to "cooperation and reporting of suspicious cases."

The deputy head of the security committee in the Maysan province Sarhan Ghalibi in an interview with (long-Presse) "after the last meeting with the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and the Council's demand to strengthen the security situation in the province, and today reached the first security force of Baghdad represented a brigade of the rapid reaction which handles the operations of intrusion and control the chaos that can occur in the future in places of tension and security vacuum because of tribal conflicts. "

He Ghalibi, that "the force will take care of primarily by conflict tribal and deter those who raise arms against the state or trying to threaten the lives of citizens through the chaos and the carrying of arms outside the security establishment," noting that "this force will be followed after the feast the arrival of another batch of rapid intervention to impose forces Security and stability".

He Ghalibi, "There will be coordination with the security leaders in the province, in order to spread these forces in areas where tendencies tribal occur, reduction and capture of wanted to spend an advantage of the intelligence element that will accompany these forces," calling, citizens to "cooperate with the forces security and give them help and to report cases that cause chaos and disruption of public order in order to preserve the integrity of Almisana society. "

The province of Maysan, based in the city of Amarah, stable provincial security, but it is witnessing acts of violence between the two and the other, especially for tribal reasons, as well as arrests of numerous traffickers of narcotic substances that enter through smuggling into the province.