Basra allocate about 836 million dinars to erect checkpoints are equipped with "rap residents" and rehabilitation of roads

13/09/2016 16:33

Long-Presse / Basra

Basra Governorate Council announced on Tuesday, allocates about 300 million dinars to set up three checkpoints wheels equipped with explosives detectors (Rap population) at the entrances to the province, as revealed on the allocation of some 536 million dinars for the rehabilitation of strategic roads.

The head of the provincial council in Basra morning Albzona in an interview (range Press), "The Council has decided to provide the police command in the amount of about 300 million dinars to set up three inspections, including one point at the entrance to Umm Qasr, south of Basra, and the other at the entrance to the province from the point of Dhi Qar labeled province b (Sidra), third in Ajawabr area, north of the province, to control the entrances to the city security, "noting that" checkpoints will include a car for inspection type (Rapp's population) have been received from the Ministry of the Interior. "

He Albzona, that "the infrastructure of each one of those points will cost about 100 million dinars," noting that "the Council also allocated more than 536 million dinars for the rehabilitation of roads Alstrutegeyn Safwan, Umm Qasr, where the cost of Basra municipality of implementation of the project after the apology roads and bridges its completion. "

For its part the Chairman of the Development and Reconstruction of the provincial council flower Albjara said in an interview with (long-Presse), "The Finance and Planning ministries did not Tsadegan on any new projects in the province three years ago, in addition to stop projects in the province of achievement because of the financial crisis, The Council called for a search for alternative ways to accomplish the task of projects, including road Umm Qasr, Safwan and assigning municipalities to maintain the implementation of these projects. "

The province of Basra Council announced, in the (26 August 2016), the arrival of three wheels type (m60), a competent detecting explosives, drugs and inspect the goods received, and as pointed out it will be allocated to the perpetrators of Safwan and Shalamcheh pillars, confirmed monitor private funds with five other specialist wheels to strengthen the work of border crossings in the province.