First Jordanian tourists convoy reach Kurdistan

September 13, 2016

Baghdad/SNG reached the first Jordanian tourists convoy to Kurdistan, to visit the tourist areas, after the Jordanian journalists visit last August to Kurdistan, pushing their tourists to visit tourist sites in the region.

She said one of the tourists, the free terft, press "we heard that the sophisticated and modern area of Kurdistan, had a significant role for the media and drive us to visit Kurdistan, Erbil International Airport receive us well.".

He said a Jordanian tourist company, Nawfal Al-Khasawneh, "after the Eid al-Adha, will visit Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, to organize tours to Kurdistan, Kurdistan's nature is very beautiful.".

Scheduled to visit Jordanian tourist convoys on a weekly basis and continuing after watching tourist business owners miss the nature of Kurdistan, and the scenic tourist areas. He says one of the owners of companies.