Iranian official: Opening a new border port with Iraq in preparation for the visit forties

2016/9/13 13:24

Oan- follow-up]

Iran's interior minister for security affairs, assistant chairman of the Central Committee of the ceremony Arbain visit in Iran, Hussein Dhulfaqari, his country's intention to open a border port with Iraq revealed preparation for the next visit.

He pointed vertebrate in a press statement Tuesday, the problems arising from the congestion Visitors at border crossing points, "explaining that" the border will open an outlet in the Sumar area - Mandali, but it requires the creation of some infrastructure.

He pointed out that efforts are being made to guide visitors towards the southern border crossing points and any Dzabh Hlmjh to reduce the pressure on the Mehran border port.

The Iranian official said the Iraqi side bears the brunt of responsibility for the security of visitors inside Iraqi territory.

He Zulfaqari "prepared a special wide security plan visit Arbain ceremony which millions participate in it."

He continued, "There is a committee working under the supervision of security, Iranian ambassador in Iraq, where the joint meetings held with Iraqi officials."

He noted that "the Iraqi embassy in Tehran and consulates in the provinces of Khorasan Razavi and Kermanshah and Khuzestan will be granted visas to participate in the ceremony visit Arbain as well as the presence of Iraqi officials to take over the granting of entry visas in 12 offices in Iran."

He explained that the visa will be effective as of the beginning of the month of Safar and even an end.