Mitsubishi begins two days after rehabilitation unit 4 in Al Hartha power station

Tuesday 13 September 2016-02:31 pm

The electricity Commission in Basra that Mitsubishi would operate effectively, rehabilitation unit 4 of the power station Al Hartha within Japanese loan as of the 15th of September now indicating that this appointment came to an agreement with the Ministry of electricity, after ordering operator local Government put off turning off the station until the end of the summer.

The Chairman said Mujibur Hasani Marbad radio that the qualifying process is scheduled to end in June 2017 brfed national system for next summer as the fourth unit productivity will rise from 80 to 200 mikawat indicating that the company will first rehabilitation unit in Al Hartha station after the banes of unit 4 with drew to the continuing negotiations with the Japanese for the second and third units covered by loan after disagreement on the subject with them for 11 years.

The second meal plan 2016 to electricity sector to be announced after the holiday for the purpose of providing companies on the transport and distribution sectors covering transport sector processing plants and spare parts for the 132nd stations turned them on to implement the strategy of transmission lines, including lines of Basra harisa Shatt al-Arab, Shatt al-Arab line alakwat alsragi and pod line distinguishes North old pod.

The distribution sector ensures processing of mobile stations and backup wekabloat add to materials for electricity distribution department stores North of Basra, Basra in order to switch some 11 lines in that suffered some bottlenecks in this summer.

Governor of Basra ordered Majid Nasraoui on 3 September being non-stop electric Al Hartha station for maintenance at the moment, only after the end of September, with fast power Directorate responsible for any reluctance he might get in the process.