The oil Ministry calls for slavish to expedite the referral of a project to clarifier Qar investment

2016/09/13 11:38

{Qar: Euphrates news} called Dhi Councilor bonded undercover soldiers, Tuesday, the oil Ministry to expedite the referral of a project to clarifier the big investment Qar, regretting to stop vital projects in the province because of the economic crisis that hit the country.

Aboudi said in a statement today, {Euphrates news} "Thi suffer like other provinces of severe economic crisis caused a territorial development projects often stops and the revival of the marshes and ministerial projects in the province, where the crisis has also affected the economic life of the province."

He noted that "the local Government has a vital and important projects such as the international airport of Nasiriyah project will see the light of day very soon and also Thi oil company of vital projects involving the oil Ministry in coordination with the local government.

"And as we have a lot of oil projects in the province as a great and dhiqar filter is in the process of advertising investment, this project is of the most vital projects in the province, calling on the oil Ministry to expedite the referral of the project to the investor for its significance in the province."

"The emergency projects to Marsh as she entered the World Heritage list, where the Central Government allocated some funds to develop these areas, but have yet to reach the local government, and are likely to support these areas also amounts of UNESCO".

"It'll all blow over Dhi in coordination with some important figures in the conservative World Conference for investment in the marshes and archaeological areas that contain more than 1200 archaeological site suffer neglect.

He was a member of the Board of Dhi, bonded undercover soldiers had disclosed earlier {to Euphrates news} that will maintain an international investment and over the end of the year.