Meyssan invites to open the West, former graying executors and facilitate loans to sons of Marsh

2016/09/13 9:12

{Meyssan: Euphrates news}

Vice Governor Meyssan GASPE pilgrims, on Tuesday, to open at Southwest and executors graying, while also called for giving loans to sons of marshes to activate tourism.

He said the pilgrims {Euphrates news} today that "implementing opening Cedar keep money can complete projects stalled and reluctant due to lack of customizations.

"So we have to invest, but it is now a simple projects such as the construction of iron & steel plant completion percentage as the {20%} and other important investment projects," hoping that "opens on the children of the Marsh case giving soft loans and advances to revitalize tourism in the marshes", pointing to "address the Federal Government and relevant ministries such as the Ministry of housing and tourism around it."

Referred to in the said province of Maysan Council owned last year approval of the Central Government's request to open a new border port with Iran, revealed that the local Government decided to open that port in the Western region {110 kilometers north of architecture} through Ilam province of Iran, confirmed that the port will ease the momentum of passengers during religious occasions graying port and important economic gate will be finished and