Daesh slaughtered 19 Syria in a "sacrificial feast"

Daesh broadcast a video of the execution of 19 young Syrian documents in the city of Deir ez - Zor on charges of dealing in favor of the international coalition against regulation.
And download cameraman section name "illusion industry , " where the dish Daesh a new way in the execution of his opponents, a "sacrifice them like livestock."
The organization brought 19 young militants to a place that shows the "Slaughterhouse", and the starting group them into a corner where handcuffed, before it initiates a select elements of the organization , " the sacrifice", and the trade - off between "human sacrifice".
One of the elements of the organization before the start of the massacre: "sacrificed God accept you, I Amadhon agents of the Cross."
Some elements of the organization and has brought a number of young center "slaughterhouse", and put their heads on the drainage holes, before being Nharham on the way to slaughter livestock.
Another section of the elements of the organization and decided to be slaughtered in another way; where was suspended their legs in the provision to suspend cattle slaughtered after the place; in order to flaying.
Indeed, the elements of the organization massacred a number of young men "commentators", and also a way of livestock slaughter, elements of the organization was quick to pump the water is strong on the necks of young Almnhorh.
According to the organization, the "elements who follow executed by a person named Haidar Mohammed al - Abdullah, a resident in Turkey, security was at the front of the victory, and then in one of the Kurdish factions, then an agent for the International Alliance."
The organization said that the servant of God attracted his brother Zakaria, and another person called Bashar, and formed a cell all fell into the grip of regulation.
And the regulation of the cell that eight members of the task was to monitor the movements and locations of the organization and follow - up, while five others have focused their mission in the filming of the headquarters and the movements of members of the organization.
The other six, the organization said that their mission was required to do them Haidar al - Abdullah in exchange for material reward.
He noted that the organization of Syrian citizens in favor of the regulation, they had discovered from the cell , and to provide the so - called security device for "Islamic state" information on that cell.
He said one of the persons who have contributed to reveal the cell: "We are working Meteorological like the work of spies, but the difference is that we provide information to the Islamic state, as you lent Bmalomatkm the Crusaders."