How is equal to the top of Haider al-Abadi?

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Baklm..asmaeil al-Badri It becomes clear and evident evident that the head of al-Abadi is required as a result of intense political conflict How fierce is equal to your head, O-Abadi and how Christz from vein to vein. Observers and scenes of the Iraqi political scene since the receipt and take Abadi Authority and the prime minister became his goal and shouted Alsaihat Dart deputies upon nights revenge (Krplh) Wah then ah ah Were it not for the reform movement and speeches good reference and the formation of the popular crowd and the mandate accorded to him during that period would have been in the news he was, he knows that he required has been known well Vacal the vice President here conceded a fire that will eat everything and everybody Thara it began political and personal miscarriage campaigns it, but the circumstances surrounding regionally and internationally began to repel these campaigns knowing that the opponents Abadi very professional players. Began questioning stage and here changed Altnkik and began to play short seemed harvest first head exempted Abadi from all ministerial changes, a minister of defense and commander in chief of the armed forces lose his defense minister and went on to question the Minister of Finance, of course questioners minister and resigned their ministers sovereign of the ministries of the task such as oil, defense, finance, higher education and scientific research if we can say that the questioning of the Minister of Finance is a clear message to Ebadi and mass minister and other blocs, that the political tactic of attack takes another turn through a constitutional parliamentary irrelevant influence of the heads of blocs in theory at least. That the price of your head, O-Abadi move the parliament, media and the street and moved the political waters stagnant and he will move from revenge asks there is a variety of different types of attack and Stktef heads big a price for your head and here of course I mean the political head.