Airways ends of a plan to restore Iraqi pilgrims home

Iraqi Airways announced the completion of a plan to restore Iraqi pilgrims home.
A statement of the Iraqi Airways for General Manager Samer cream Kubba, Iraq's transmitter network received (IBN) copy of it, there is an increase in passengers and flights numbers during the past ten days, for several reasons, including lower prices announced by the company earlier in a competitive prices, as well as premium services that offer our valued passengers.
He said he was transferred 96.375 passengers for the period from 09.01.2016 until 09.10.2016 by 828 flights.
Kubba said that this has been the efforts of all employees in the company of engineers, pilots and staff Amadavien and commercial department and the staff of the Department of subsistence and all employees of the company.
He said the finalization of the plan to restore Iraqi pilgrims to come home after the end of the Hajj.
Referring to the re pilgrims to the airport, which left him in accordance with a specific timetable starts at the beginning of next week.