Economist: give employees a long weekend will increase unemployment.

September 12, 2016

Baghdad/SNG said an economist, to study the long leave government employees will increase unemployment.

A beautiful name said that "Government program focuses on reducing expenditure and increasing revenue and activating the role of the private sector, there are a huge number of employees and the Government was working to reduce the operational budget is 70% of the public budget.

He added that "this decision will reduce government spending but what goes where, and shouldn't be taken مجتزءا and must create jobs for employees who are promising long vacations and leave for the private sector but is there potential for this? I think they did it for the private sector and the productive sectors also paralysed and cannot accommodate the employment and unemployment will be there. "

Jameel noted that "there is an error in the formula in human resource management and when political parties came and filled large numbers of redundant staff to four times their need and are responsible for that and today wanted to address the error error instead of heading to the productive sectors and labour amassed millions of employees in the State without production".

"These are the bane of political parties that do not have any software or economic insights and just create problems and the citizen and employee pay."

The Cabinet had voted in regular meeting September 6, "bill granting long routine leave that check with the State Council and referred to the House of representatives based on the provisions of articles [61 item first and second item 80] of the Constitution."

The Prime Minister said Haidar Abadi, to "leave employees in the State five years leave salary full name would be optional and not mandatory is to ease the pressure on staff and grades the State and there are staff want to vacation and now we have opened the door for them," adding that "his count leave for retirement deduction entitlements."