The formation of a Committee to provide services to new settlement in the island of Hvar Jabayish

Monday 12 September 2016-01:22 pm

Maqam-based announced spending Jabayish of Dhi Badi khaoun told Lebanon on the formation of a Joint Committee to provide services to new settlement Islands in the marsh areas after completion rates access to 45%.

He said khaoun told the new Committee Marbad radio will provide the necessary services for these islands within the possibilities available in addition to take security measures to protect the area and locals in those islands, noting that water resources Ministry cadres currently completed 20 out of 42 Island Isle of be completed soon to House people from fanciers Buffalo.

And impressively to the local government are creating an island with an area of 2500 square meters plant for tourists coming to those areas to offer future services by the investment industry.