Muslim festivities blurred in Baghdad

Monday, September 12, 2016 11:34 AM

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink:

The explosions and closures of Baghdad's streets blurred the annual festivities of Eid Al-Adha amid the strict security measures imposed by the security forces.

During the past days, many explosions took place in Baghdad with bombed cars that targeted commercial areas.

Tens of civilians were reportedly killed and injured during the explosions that obliged Baghdad Operations Command to adopt extra plans to protect the civilians, including cutting off roads in the densely populated areas.

Security forces attributed the increase in Da'ish (ISIS) bloody attacks to the latest Iraqi military victories in Anbar and Nineveh provinces.

Thousands of Iraqi police and army were distributed in Baghdad and other Shiite southern provinces in anticipation of "possible" terrorist attacks against mosques and recreational places.

On the other hand, Baghdad Governor Ali Muhsin al-Timimi expressed his "resentment" from the security forces for adopting "failing security plans".

During the past two months, Baghdad suffered hundreds of casualties in three main explosions.