Maysan Oil commence work within the system of governance based Alaketorneh

12/09/2016 13:19

Maysan Oil produces 235 thousand barrels of Halfaya field

Long-Presse / Maysan

Maysan Oil Company announced on Monday for direct e-governance system to work inside the company's headquarters, as promised from the most important strategic projects for the department to give the accuracy of information and saved, confirmed that the project will be implemented in all sections of the company early next year.

He said the project manager Hamid Ali Muheisen in an interview (range Press) that he "has the direct work of e-government system within the headquarters of the Maysan Oil Company where the project aims to provide electronic services administrative, financial and inventory through a local area network, electronic system can save time, effort and money and facilitate the work accurately high, "noting that" the project will be applied to all sections of the company at the beginning of next year, 2017 also can be applied to this project through smartphones and painting for all employees of the company. "

It Muheisen "The project was in two phases, the first to provide such electronic services and the second created a self efforts by the staff of the department and follow up directly by the Director of the Authority engineering," asserting that "one of the strategic projects of the department by giving information and saved thus shorten the time and effort in All administrative matters. "

He said the project manager to be "the first phase began after the completion of the infrastructure for the project from the center of the database and electronic gates each board in addition to creating servers and the work of the administrative and financial systems crisis so," pointing out that "despite the obstacles that we faced to start working, but our will has made us the biggest ones insisting on the success of this project began today and will be after the fact complete the final stage. "