NEWSTIME WITH BGG Sunday, September 11, 2016
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Thread: NEWSTIME WITH BGG Sunday, September 11, 2016

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    NEWSTIME WITH BGG Sunday, September 11, 2016

    BGG says(6:48 PM):
    It's gonna' be a short News Time tonite (we've got some stuff going on - we're trying to take care of...) but let's go!!

    Mrs BGG - would you mind saying a quick prayer to get us started off right??

    MrsBGG says(6:48 PM):
    Heavenly Father, we come before You by the Blood of Jesus. Thank You for Your Mercy, Grace, & Forgiveness! Thank You for Your unfailing love We delight in You Thank You that You have all wisdom and might! Thank You Holy Spirit for leading and guiding us. We pray for all the families that were involved on 9/11, we pray that they have the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit. We thank You for BGG's leadership and the the whole team here @ DU. We pray that You continue to give them wisdom. Thank You Lord that You are our Strength. We pray that You will bless each person here and their families. We give You all the Glory, Honor, and Praise! In Jesus Name, Amen.

    BGG says(6:55 PM):
    I will start off by saying... I got more calls, e-mails and messages thanking us for the last call on Friday than any other call in Dinar Updates history. The response was overwhelming.

    BGG says(6:55 PM):
    Thank you.

    jtank says(6:56 PM):

    BGG says(6:56 PM):
    Here's what I'm going to do - a bit of a recap of the info on the Call from Friday...

    plus an extra "Flashback" article regarding the same type of info...

    Here's the extra...

    BGG says(6:57 PM):
    Minister of Finance: raise zeros from the Iraqi currency against the dollar will be supported

    Conscious / Baghdad / G. E - Finance Minister Bayan Jabr said the lifting of the zeroes of the Iraqi currency will support the currency against the dollar.

    Zubaidi, in remarks quoted by reporter (news agency, Iraqi Information / conscious) that this proposal by the Ministry of Finance to the Central Bank of Iraq was not affected increase or decrease but it is just delete the zeros vocation not only the case in many countries

    Noting that the Iraqi dinar would be offset dollar or slightly more than after the application of this proposal.

    BGG says(6:59 PM):

    According to an official source at the ministry

    The proposal to raise three zeroes from the currency will be in accordance with the right monetary policy is not gradual, as happened in Turkey and this policy will raise the monetary value of the Iraqi currency and will of the Iraqi dinar قوة نقدية امام جميع العملات . Strength of cash against all currencies.

    This article was from Feb. 2nd 2010

    They've been telling us all along...

    NOT A FLOAT...

    "...The proposal to raise three zeroes from the currency will be in accordance with the right monetary policy is not gradual, as happened in Turkey..."

    Noting that the Iraqi dinar would be offset dollar or slightly more than after the application of this proposal. = about a dollar (USD) or slightly higher...

    THIS IS WHAT THEIR MoF said at the time. Not me.

    they have had some idea as to what this was going to be all along.

    Obviously, some factors mya change things here or there some... but - if I just go by what they have been saying all along...

    BGG says(7:07 PM):
    The Exchange Rate of Foreign Currency in Economic Feasibility Studies

    Below are the central controls related to the exchange rate of the foreign currency to convert the project inputs and outputs from foreign currency to its equivalent in the local currency, and that is by calculating the net discounted present value standard and the internal return on investments in economic analysis that governs investment projects that costs excess one million dinars.

    Estimate the shadow price of foreign currency:

    1. It is necessary to put central controls to amend the official exchange rate * to reflect the shadow price of the foreign currency, and that is considered one of the necessary requirements to implement the net discounted present value standard and the internal return rate on investment in the economic calculation stated in the instructions, paragraph nine...

    ...3. Estimate the amended exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar to be used in technical and economical feasibility studies and for (1.134) dollar per dinar. This price should be approved for 3 years until re-appreciation by the competent authorities.

    The Republic of Iraq Ministry of Planning

    Read More:

    Ministry OF PLANNING

    Iraq G-O-I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    We are seeing and hearing that the inflation rate is still climbing and they are pushing to get us our money?? This report is from page 84 of the massive SIGR report.

    Read More :

    Click on that and read it...

    (BTW - there are two recent SIGR publishings... one was this report and another was more along the lines of "SIGIR - Learning from Iraq" )

    MrsBGG says(7:16 PM):
    Does anyone have any questions?

    SRW says(7:16 PM):

    MrsBGG says to SRW(7:17 PM):

    SRW says(7:17 PM):
    What does SIGIR stand for?

    BGG says(7:18 PM):
    Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction... (both versions - SIGIR & SIGR)

    SRW says to BGG(7:19 PM):

    cobalt says to BGG(7:20 PM):

    1bobby says(7:20 PM):

    BGG says(7:20 PM):
    Their mission was ended by this Administration in May (?) of 2012 or so... however, these final thoughts from them (the final report sent to our U.S. Congress) if nothing else, adds considerable weight to our thoughts about this investment.

    in fact, those saying this is a "scam" - look foolish - taking these reports in context.

    1bobby says(7:22 PM):
    Actually you just answered my question on SIGIR. Thank you

    BGG says(7:22 PM):
    so - if nothing else - these flashbacks (HARD NEWS) give some important context as to what we are involved in...

    WICKEDWITCH1 says(7:24 PM):

    BGG says(7:25 PM):
    WIth these previous statements, articles and comments giving historical context - and the current push by the IMF, WB and UN to integrate Iraq back into the international community - things are VERY exciting (to say the least).

    I'm not predicting anything, nor am I commenting on "rate" - per se...

    I'm just telling you what they (IRAQ) have been saying all along...

    and with that - folks...

    I'm going to wrap up early tonite.

    got to get about "that stuff" I mentioned

    wilson6060 says(7:27 PM):
    Thanks for the awesome news BGG

    JETSET says(7:27 PM):
    have a good evening, BGG

    magnetlady says(7:27 PM):
    Thanks BGG

    jtank says(7:27 PM):

    BGG says to WICKEDWITCH1(7:27 PM):
    I am sorry - your ??

    jimplants says(7:27 PM):
    thank you be blessed

    SRW says to BGG(7:27 PM):
    Thanks for the info!!

    WICKEDWITCH1 says(7:27 PM):
    Figured it out....Thanks and have a GREAT evening.

    BGG says to WICKEDWITCH1(7:28 PM):
    You too - have a good night.

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