Hadi JLo Mraei-

The possibility of Sunni-Shiite rapprochement after Daesh

Hadi JLo Mari / is one of the most important points that could meet the Sunnis and Shiites if disposed of organizing Daesh and cleanse the city of Mosul of its elements is the relationship with the Kurds who aspire to a greater role and the presence of the most dangerous in light of the international and regional changes and the struggle for existence and try to incorporation of the entity Regional separate from the traditional regional system, which was put Kurds and always under the hammer pressure and abuse prevention and to look to a different future.
Kurds are expanding in all four quarters, they are in Iraq govern private their region consisting of three provinces and covet in Kirkuk and trying to bite off the connector, and look to cities for many and tubing connected to Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq depth, while trying to expand in Syria shattered and pushing in Turkey and engaged in violent unprecedented against despite Mayaanih Turkish military civilians from government assaults in the south of the country. Sunni Arabs suffer from deep and sterile problems at the level of the political system submerged in problems, but they face the risk of absolute Shia control of Baghdad and other predominantly Shiite cities, and try to focus on Maahklh armed configuration of the Shiites of a challenge in areas controlled by Daesh, featuring the popular crowd, along with troops systemic and clans in the edit, Ramadi, Tikrit and Fallujah, Diyala, for example, but it does not seem that the Shiites will rule the control of the remote Sunni areas from population congregations in the center and south, and that is the biggest problem might be in the Kurdish expansion, which wants to tighten his grip on the oil-rich Kirkuk, home to Arabs, Turkmen and Kurds but Arabs and Turkmen are the most affected by the Kurdish ambitions in the city, but does not seem that the Turkmen have a confrontation with the Kurds ability only if their alliance with Sunni Arabs there, it is clear that the Peshmerga has achieved remarkable progress with international support in the areas of Mosul was organizing Daesh dominated they Parvdon departure. while confirming reports and statements by Kurdish intention to be attached to the Kurdistan region, which is the case, which applies to the areas in Salahuddin and south of Kirkuk and Diyala, north and east. Some disgruntled Shiite leaders on the Kurdish expansion states that the disputed areas with the Kurds and Arab will remain so they are ready to fight for it the awareness often areas of Sunni Arabs who suffer from embarrassment in their relationship with the Kurds where they see their expansion in their areas, but they suffer the most from the current their crisis with the Shiites, this is what might constitute the greatest challenge in the post-stage Daesh and some might imagine a sort of temporary sleep until the moment of truth Sunni Arabs and find that their region has been declared part of the Kurdistan region and will need to Arabic and the local support of the rest of the components of Iraq, as well as central government, which is what can lead to the armed conflict between Sunni and Shiite Arabs and Turkmens with them against the Kurds. Iraqi parliament draws together all the components that play a vital role in shaping the next phase private can and it exceeded a set of difficult ordeals and are able to impose an ambitious though were not sufficient, but is fit to become a way to clarify the relationship between the plug type of foundation for the partnership jump on sectarian, ethnic and put things in record straight concerning land disputes, and the type of political action practiced by everyone must understand that the most important in the collection of Iraqis and consolidate their faith citizenship, lack of militancy in achieving the demands, but look at the ingredients are all as her right and it needs to confirm that right in accordance with the Constitution and the law and dialogue mosque.