Baghdad announced the arrest of a terrorist hijacked and edit and adjust missiles

Twilight News / announced for the Baghdad operation, the arrest of a terrorist, and adjust the explosive munitions, freeing hijacked in the capital.
According to a statement of the leadership of the War of the Twilight News, was able to force the first regiment, Major General (22) to carry out the duty of inspection in Tarmiya Baath neighborhood, within the northern Baghdad conclusively, resulting in: the arrest of a terrorist, he was found in his home on charges of electrical circuits and batteries Reymont for bombing and C4 high explosive material.
He added that the strength of the regiment of the fourth brigade (22) Infantry Division (6) managed in the area (Albu Firas) within the northern Baghdad categorically, bombing (3) explosives, was planted on the side of the road, a controlled explosion and without incident.
She said the security forces in the district (59) was able to implement the duty in the regions (Ishaqi, and Signature) within the north-west Sector of Baghdad, and the results were found (4) different types missiles, and (3) shells gun Austrian and mortar rounds (120) mm.
And it found the strength of the Third Battalion, Major General (45) to (5) explosive devices in the banks of one Alambazl within Hamidiyah area, east of Baghdad, had been filed without incident.
Also managed a combined force of the Presidential Office and the Second Brigade combat criminality session, and after intelligence information, from the Edit hijacked and arrested one of the kidnappers, within the course area / neighborhood mechanics.