Immigration Department announces the return of (58 229) thousand displaced families to their homes in Anbar

Shafaq News / The Ministry of Displacement and Migration on Monday for the return of (58 229) thousand families to the liberated districts and sub-districts in Anbar province.
According to Director of the ministry's branch in the province of Anbar, Mohammed Rashid, said in an interview stated that the Twilight News (40 752) thousand families displaced returned to Ramadi District and (7,183) thousand families to spend the Heat and the vine to spend amounted to families returning (3,794) thousand family, as well as the return of (1535) family to spend a wet and the return of (2962) family to spend Khalidiya and into a modern (1204) family back, either Falluja witnessed the return of (799) to the family of Mntaq Nasaf, gravel and Saqlawiyah.
Rachid continuous branch to follow up and facilitate the return of displaced families to inhabit areas of origin in cooperation with the security forces over the peace crossing where the reception center is equipped with 25 tent to greet families returning, noting that there are continued in the return of displaced families to their original domicile liberated areas in the districts and the areas of Anbar province, and that the ministry will include these families the necessary assistance, including food and in-kind, health and others.