Replacement Kaaba with the participation of 86 people

It took place after the dawn prayer, Sunday, replacing the covering of the Kaaba ceremony, as is customary in the ninth of Dhu al- Hijjah of each year.

It takes processing dress Kaaba many months in the Kaaba plant, and needs to be large amounts of precious metals, pure silk, while literally takes about 170 process at different stages to the cladding to be ready to cover the Kaaba on Arafat.

The cost of the dress of the Kaaba nearly 20 million Saudi riyals, according to official media said the factory Ahmed Baantar for "Sky News Arabia.

The height of the cladding 14 meters and belt 95 centimeters and a length of 47 meters and consists of 16 pieces, and there below the belt Quranic verses written on it in "O self Ya Rahman Ya Rahim Praise be to Allah , the Lord of the Worlds" and embroidered belt embroidered prominently covered with wire silver plated with gold and surrounded Kaaba entirety.

And it includes cladding curtain on the door of the Kaaba, known as a burqa , a wrought silk , up six and a half meters and a width of 3 meters and a half written, embroidered Ttriza prominent covered wires silver plated with gold.

The cladding consists of 5 pieces covering each piece aspect of the Kaaba and the fifth piece is the curtain that are placed on the door of the Kaaba and is connected to these pieces with each other.

The plant produces external and internal cladding of the sacred Kaaba in addition to the flags and pieces that the State Bahdaiha VIP.

The covering of the Kaaba has been sent to Mecca from Egypt through the centuries, except for short periods of time to stop sending in 1962.