Syrian army advanced in the Amiriyah neighborhood in Aleppo

Syrian army units and armed forces operating in Aleppo have made ​​new progress in the Amiriyah neighborhood, while warplanes destroyed several terrorist organizations and the headquarters of infidels in the northern and southern Alrevi mechanisms.
A military source told "SANA" that the unity of the Syrian army regained control of four new blocks in the Amiriyah neighborhood in the city of Aleppo after spending the last hotbeds of the terrorists.
Come and regain control of the building blocks in the context of the operation carried out by army units to expand the scope of safety in Ramouseh area south of the city of Aleppo, where she spent the army units on the other gatherings of terrorists in the region and reopened traffic on the road in front of Ramouseh citizens.
He said the military source said the air force in the Syrian army face of intense strikes on the headquarters of terrorist organizations and movements in Huraytan navigator and farms in the northern countryside, resulting in the destruction of armored vehicles and vehicles equipped with machine guns and the elimination of a number of terrorists.
In the southern countryside , "fell a number of the terrorists of the so - called" Army of Conquest "dead and wounded during the air raids on their communities in Khan Tuman warehouses , " according to the military source.
It ruled units of the army during ongoing operations to eradicate terrorism takfiri, 10 terrorists from the "Daesh" and destroyed them three vehicles in the Air Force Academy Brive Aleppo eastern perimeter.