Kurdish lawmaker: National Alliance demands the reunion of parliament and accommodate small blocks
[Where - special]
MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs, Ahmed Sarhan, the National Alliance to "seek to reunite the House of Representatives, and the absorption of small blocs within the council."
Ahmed told all of Iraq [where] that " the National Alliance demands to move to heal reunited and seek to reunite other parliamentary blocs in the House of Representatives and hold meetings and intense Horat with it and absorb small parliamentary blocs."
Between, " The reunion will enable the political blocs to reach a unified position and the word united and which will reflect positively on the advancement of sophisticated an Iraq of all cultural, social and political aspects. "
the National Alliance has recently witnessed a political mobility represent the selection of the President of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council Ammar al - Hakim, the leader of it, and that talks with the leaders of the coalition , " ways to rearrange rows and drafting blocks rules of procedure. "
as the leadership of the National Alliance decided to " the formation of a higher committee of the coalition blocks to revise the rules of procedure and the nomination of representatives of the political blocs within the leadership of the National Alliance of the body. "