Forming a coalition of National Union and the movement for change in Baghdad.

2016/09/10 18:07

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} blocks the PUK and said the MDC on forming a unified, common visions and strategy in the House of representatives.

The statement said the PUK received {Euphrates news} ", MPs from the MDC-PUK had a visit to the General Secretary of the National Union spokesman, Jalal Talabani at his residence" dbashan "in Sulaymaniyah, after meeting with lawmakers held a press conference announcing the formation of a" coalition "including who works inside the House.

Chairwoman PUK block only parliamentary press conference, Talabani said "this coalition includes the majority and the rights of the Kurdish people in Baghdad, and President Jalal Talabani path", indicating at the same time that "the door is open to other blocks to join this coalition."

Kaveh's Attorney Mohammad said about change "today we visited President Talabani, and then we have our coalition which includes the Kurdistan Patriotic Union Deputy MDC in Baghdad.

He noted that the coalition would be placed within the app very soon in order to maintain the public interest of the Kurdish people, "stating that" the Coalition works as "one block in Parliament, this coalition was formed in the presence of Talabani, the tent which included its pluralism and diversity.