Maliki responded to Al-jubeir: terrorist organizations were born from the womb of the Saudi regime

2016-09-10 at 16:42

Baghdad scales news

The Chief of State of law Coalition Nuri al-Maliki, Saturday, in a stinging criticism of Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-jubeir, which accused him of destroying Iraq, stressing that all terrorist organizations were born from the womb of the Saudi regime.

Maliki said in a statement issued by the information Office and received/balance of news/copy "was echoed by Adel Al-jubeir is but an echo of his hands with exaggerated system lies innocent blood in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

"It is no secret to anyone that all terrorist organizations that threaten the world today were born from the womb of the Wahhabi system thinking and practice.

"Riyadh foreign policy practised blatant duplication so you must save what's left of security regional and international world of terrorism backed by Wahhabism and Saudi's blasphemous thought."

Maliki stressed that "stay free with impunity and international trusteeship means more death and damage and destruction."

The Saudi Foreign Minister had said at a recent symposium in Ankara that Maliki caused tearing Iraq in sectarian policy framework introduced by terrorist organizations.