Parliamentary integrity: Grill and impeach the US questioned other officials Abadi (details)

10-09-2016 04:00 PM

Member of the parliamentary integrity Committee, Adel Noori, Saturday, that the two deputies Haitham Al-jibouri and Hanan's PM prepared interrogate Prime Minister Haider Abadi file, stating that confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari will go after Christmas and his dismissal was inevitable.

Nuri said in a press statement that "list of interviewees will include Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jafari and Minister of health of Adela Rahul we have adequate file interrogation process."

He added that "the two deputies Jabouri walftlaoi prepared Prime Grill file Haidar Abadi if retreat can continue questioning him, stating that he" has many files and sufficient financial and security breaches highlighted and political failure at the level of foreign relations and other files.

He pointed out that "Grill and confidence about us other questioning Abadi executives because it represents the entire Government," AA "on Zebari dismissed the recall paragraph it will be after Christmas and that the issue of his dismissal inevitable Shen secret vote where Attorney free choice away from the pressure of its mass.

Nuri, said that "representatives of political blocs and the constraints they are freer to express their choices in Parliament after the revolution of April 14 in Parliament while many deputies sit."

** So I guess that "secret vote" proposal, which made the news last week, is now in play **