U.s. Congress: to establish a safe area for minorities in Nineveh (details)

10-09-2016 03:30 PM

The members of the Republican and Democrats in Congress, their intention to submit a Bill to establish a safe area for religious minorities in Nineveh, stating that the project had already put the Iraqis in 2014 and includes the establishment of new autonomous prefecture determination.

This third Conference defending Christians titled ' after genocide, maintaining the future of Christianity in the Middle East, where the region was able to put pressure on Congress and the Administration to describe the practices ' ISIS ' against alaizidien, Christians and other minorities ' genocide ', the Organization came to Congress with new message during this Conference.

She said the Executive Director of the Christian defense Christine d h Evans in an interview with alhurra, ' subtract with members of Congress work with the Iraqis and the Kurdistan Regional Government to create a safe zone in Nineveh, stating that ' the area where religious minorities to return and rebuild their homeland under the protection of local governments, in cooperation with the international community.

Either Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry said, ' all we do is emphasize what Iraqis called for 2014, is to establish a new province in Nineveh, pointing out that this region enjoys the right to self-determination within the framework of the General system of the country.

Added protection must be secured, Fortenberry for this region, no one goes back to an unsafe place, dyed by saying ' we are not telling anyone what to do, but we emphasize the Iraqi proposal, this increases the chances of such a zone.

Democratic lawmaker said Brad Sherman, ' support us do a lot of things to protect victims of genocide in Iraq and Syria, noting that ' safe zone in those two countries is very important and we must examine how to create it '.