Trade: peasants dues the past two years seven billion dinars

2016/9/10 15:06

[Where - Baghdad]

The Commerce Department said on Saturday that "the total amount of dues of farmers during the past two years, up to seven billion dinars."

The ministry said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, it's "completed the distribution of more than 6815 instrument in the amount of up to seven billion Iraqi dinars, representing the peasants and farmers of former two-year dues."

She stressed that "the amounts would be a serious impetus to the peasants and farmers in increasing the amount of cultivated land and provides large amounts of local wheat that we aspire to reliable despite the fact that the Iraqi people back on foreign wheat being supplied produces a kind of good flour."

He added that "great efforts have been made all the governmental and parliamentary authorities to complete the distribution of funds to the beneficiaries, despite the difficult financial conditions experienced by the country due to the financial crisis."

He concluded that "the central committees and sub-sequence distribution operations in order to address the problems that get as well as to speed up the distribution mechanisms to include all recipients of peasants and farmers."