Sadr Office declares collect signatures to protest the corrupt

2016-09-10 at 13:42

Special balance news

Leader of Sadr's Office said Al-Sadr, Saturday, launching a campaign to collect signatures to protest the corrupt under the title (corrupt government doesn't represent me).

The Office Manager said current in Rusafa Ibrahim jaberi, l/balance of news, "said Sadr's offices will be in Baghdad and campaign themed signatures (corrupt government doesn't represent me), at the direction of current leader Muqtada al-Sadr, protesting corruption and mischief."

He added, "the campaign will continue".

He drew Gabri, that "there are international observers to monitor the collection of signatures for submission to the United Nations."

He stressed that "campaign aims to signatures to obtain international legitimacy for the demands of the Iraqi people."

It is said that Sadr Sadr leader earlier called his followers to hunger strike and official in the Government of the day (4 and 5 September 2016).