Health announces completion of Imam Sadiq hospital in Babylon and determine the opening date of September 21

2016-09-10 at 13:24

Baghdad scales news

The Health Ministry announced, Saturday, completing Imam Sadiq (as) (Turkish hospital) in Babil province, which is one of the most important health projects in Iraq, a sign that the September 21 will be the date for its opening.

The Ministry said in a statement/balance of news copy, that "after resolving all financial and administrative problems and complete equipment and lotions and operational materials and medical and health personnel, and completed one of the most important and largest health projects in Iraq and the region is a genuine Turkish Imam hospital" hospital "in Babil province."

The Ministry said on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 would be the date for the opening of this great edifice ", stating that" add to health institutions adding special quality. "

She explained, that "Iraq has not seen any of the large hospitals in 35 years," accompanying "on this occasion we bless the Iraqi people Eid Mubarak and complete this project.

And promised, "it will overcome all difficulties created or complete large projects like this service for the people."