Select a piece of land to build a hospital in the northern city of Basra Kuwait

2016/9/10 13:05

{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Service Committee in Basra, Abdul Jawad Abbas, completing the plot allocated to Kuwaiti hospital spent building the town hall to spend city.

The Principality said in a statement received {Euphrates news} CC "after day coordination among its local governments to spend city and Ezzedine Salim area identified the land to create the Kuwaiti hospital and with an area of 3000 acres in special area of Ezzedine Salim area by digging a trench surrounded to prevent any abuse by some people," pointing out that "the plot was dedicated earlier Japanese loan hospital."

"Get the oil Ministry approvals and implications before 4 years to allocate this land to build a hospital.

He said the Emirate to grant a second Hospital included Kuwaiti dinars that Basra province to spend the Shatt al-Arab and the establishment of the University was allocated to Zubair along with meeting room view room-style state Kuwait earmarked by the local Government of the County.