Algeria-oil meeting involved Iraq and stresses its support for any decision to raise prices

2016/9/10 8:43

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} oil Ministry confirmed that it would participate in the International Energy Forum to be held in Algeria the end of September.

Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad in a press release, that "Iraq Algeria scheduled meetings will end of September, and that the oil Minister Jabbar allaibi."

He stressed that "Iraq with any decision reached by the producing countries contribute to raise oil prices."

The Ministry spokesman pointed out that "Iraq has a vision to be discussed with OPEC to support oil prices, would abide by any decision in favour of higher prices", noting that "there is a conflict in oil-producing countries of OPEC, of seeking to reduce production and others need to increase production."

He hoped the success of the Conference, noting that "We hope that countries producing viable solutions in Algeria meeting."

It is said that OPEC Member States as well as non-members, repeated meetings failed to reach agreement to install the ceiling price.