Transport Minister: we will hold an economic conference in Basra after Eid for implementation of investment projects

September 9, 2016

Transport Minister Kazim Cup holding his Conference in Basra for marine and industrial and agricultural projects and other joints than conservative compatriots projects implemented by Visual investors.

He said a Cup in a statement singled out by Marbad radio that the Conference to be held after Christmas at the Sheraton will invite contractors healthiest b projects involving all sectors to be implemented in Basra and is funded by msthmrin and banks in Baghdad and challenged other countries to support such projects, said that the implementation will be reflected in the positive form on the reality of the citizen.

Transport Minister to project selection and approval will be after the feasibility study of implementation so that authentication to take advantage of the Visual investor will enable implementation of the loan.

He expressed his consent to cup of any project on the banks of the beaches or places that go back to dependence in order not to delay any project may benefit of Basra.

** From last night. Didn't recall seeing it. If it's a re-post, I apologize **