President of the Philippines continues to inflammatory remarks: Ban Ki-moon fool

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The head of the Philippines Rodrigo Dottirta, Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon to "asshole", as quoted by AFP. Dottirta's remarks came against the backdrop of statements to the United Nations about the existence of human rights violations in the Philippines, where he said: "I said to myself that he (Ban Ki-moon) fool else. I will continue my campaign against criminals and I'm not Mhafqa them. I'm not the President of the Philippines and President of the international community. " The President of the Philippines described US President Barack Obama earlier as the "son of a bitch," and on the back of Obama's remarks on the killing of about two thousand people in the fight against crime in the Philippines campaign, said he would not allow that being taught a lesson to the operations without trial for murder in the context of the war on drugs in his country. According to the agency, the Dottirta announced that the term "putangina" may not be directly understood that this term is a "normal term used by everyone." President of the Philippines said that his statements were addressed to the US State Department raised the issue of human rights violations in the Philippines during the fight against crime in a campaign, not to Barack Obama, when he said: "I was very troublesome of these threats .. This is the guilt of the persons fools in the US State Department ".