Learn Jaafari properties in London and that Attha to "500" thousand dollars

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Revealed close to Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, for some property from the wealth-Jaafari in Baghdad and London, which he obtained from donations of Hajj and Umrah The source explained that "after the fall directly, each of Messrs Ayad architecture (Abu Howrah) and Adnan Jawad (Abu Alaa), the authors of the campaign guidance for Hajj and Umrah BLM donations in Copenhagen to set Ibrahim al-Jaafari, which intend to get off to Iraq, to ​​buy tickets to the lack of financial ability to Ibrahim al-Jaafari to bear travel expenses. " The source says, "Jaafari moved to live in an area (Avenue Witton (in return for a house dealers Gulf which Astmlleke as a gift from the owner, until the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime." He pointed out that, "Ibrahim al-Jaafari, settled for a time in the house give him his Zia Alchukrچa in the Mansour district of Baghdad days he was in the Governing Council," and then saw that this small house is not enough for its meetings, so the format outside the garage and said, "I will move to the green zone and giving me a simple shortcoming ( five rooms and accessories), bunk, ground him and his office manager and furnishing hall meetings. He continued, "Then he built a very large house behind the palace to be housing him alone without any one of his assistants or his disciples and he furnished it for $ 200 thousand dollars, and re-furnishing because he did not like the first furniture in the amount of $ 300 thousand and throw all the old furniture. "The prose of this place of food and fuel supplies were 300 thousand dollars a month." And he finished talking, saying "bought after Ibrahim al-Jaafari (site of the Tigris) in 2008, a presidential house huge on the Tigris River near the Babylon Hotel, an area of ​​4000 square meters, an rooms, lounges and supplements and luxurious furniture Kingly excellent score, and I have visited as well as the house and seen the details myself. " As "then bought Dr. Peten luxury hotels in Alگraat area of ​​Baghdad it was not up to it not time," according to his friend. In London .. says, "Fadel Abbas" .. "After 2003, Mr. has restored the house in which Astmlleke of Gulf Merchant luxurious furnishings furnishing the shipment of the UAE and after a while, he saw that this house is not worthy of cum, the house he bought in the area ( Street Salmon (worth 5.1 million pounds پaon picked up by myself. " "I bought the then luxury apartment worth 3 million پaon in an area (Stanmore (one of the finest suburbs of London, did not hesitate it only once or twice," "Finally .. In 2011 this beautiful palace bought in one of the most prestigious suburbs of London, and has 8 my rooms The stolen details Sergath, and when I picked up the image of the palace, a rear directed Salami residents of mud and tin houses of the bereaved