Qabbanji attacking anticipated festival of Eid accuses invited to "public obscenity"

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Imam Juma Najaf attacked in Iraq Sadruddin Qabbanji, establish a "summer of Najaf," the upcoming festival during Eid al-Adha, and promise to "desecration" of the sanctity of the province, and as he emphasized that the participants in the festival, known as the "public obscenity which is not acceptable to the religious authority and convoys Hosseinieh", he stressed The conservative officials promised to "prevent his stay." He said the debt was issued Qabbanji through political engagement in Husseiniya Fatimid Najaf, said that "the city of the city of Najaf religious authority is the Secretariat of the necks Almtsidin the officials," noting that "the establishment of lewd corrupt Festival is not worthy of this sacred province." He Qabbanji '' We are with the programs, festivals and entertainment away from the Sacred and the suspicions and the right of people of this province entertainment but limits sacredness of the province either to be invited well-known names obscenity public it is forbidden not acceptable Najaf sons nor religious point of reference nor convoys Husseiniya. " He Qabbanji, that "This is an attempt to desecration of the sanctity of this city, so we got up, demanding the civil administration to address this matter after he made several contacts with officials and Uadona prevent these abuses' ', told officials in Najaf said,' Dear Officials in the local administration and the Council of Najaf province Najaf you are obligated to preserve the sanctity of this province and to prevent all violations that are trying to undermine the sanctity of Najaf and Pinheikm evil, God will prove your feet. " The cultural institution has announced the launch of Najaf Summer of 2016 to coincide with the Eid al-Adha on the Gardens City Games and the province that includes several paragraphs recreational and cultural participation of a number of Iraqi artists and poets.