Russia is in the process of designing a plane equipped with a laser weapon

Russia is currently working on the design of an aircraft equipped with a laser weapon of the new generation.
A source in the Russian defense industry sector in an interview with the agency , "TASS" Russian: "Work is underway on a laser device Joy of manufacturing a new generation."
According to the source, meaning the matter is known as the "A - 60 aircraft." The Russian media had reported earlier that the project dubbed "" Sokol - Ochilon. "
The Soviet Union began to study and the realization of this project in the eighties of the last century. On the basis of the transport plane "IL - 76" , which was supposed to focus the laser and radar devices, launched the project at the time lab "A- 60" Bird 's name, and then suspended the project to resume work achieved in 2012 in the Russian "Diamond" company .
The United States was achieved aerial laser project is also where experimental aircraft "Boeing YAL - 1 manufacturing."
But that program has been attached at the end of 2011.