Water Resources Minister: No need for the construction of a dam in the Shatt al-Arab

Ministry of Water Resources announced that there was no need for the construction of a dam in the Shatt al - Arab prevents the flow of sea water and held low - salinity water, while confirming that it does not have the financial allocations to enable them to address water problems in Basra.
Minister Hassan al - Janabi , said in an interview with him, during his stay in Basra that "Basra , paid a heavy price on the environmental level because it is located in Znaib rivers , the Euphrates and the Tigris and Karkheh and Karun, where he ended the fertility of the soil, and destroyed the freshwater environment in the Shatt al - Arab, and I was watching the situation in the province since a long time , "noting that" from my website as minister of water resources has become possible to make a contribution in addressing water problems in Basra, but the size of the problem is too big, it is the largest of the Ministry of water resources possibilities and any other ministry, especially that the ministry has no money, and will not exist have the money in the next year. "
Janabi He pointed out that " The ministry agreed with the presidency of the Provincial Council to cooperate closely to meet the water challenges in Basra, which is a new beginning to compensate for losses of Basra in this area," adding that " the new irrigation channel , which extends for long distances will provide great services to the people of the areas on either side Having lost their land and their animals because of the salinity of the water, and the channel has not been completed, but had been waiting for a simple financial allocations did not materialize for years, but the Council of Ministers has recently decided to allocate enough funds to create two stations are linked by canal to pump water. "
Regarding the project of a definitive dam in the Shatt al - Arab to meet the salinity of the water crisis, the minister pointed out that "this project , we agreed to go back a few steps back on it to review some of the decisions made ​​in certain circumstances , " adding that " there is no need for the construction of a dam in the Shatt al - Arab and we found heeded by officials in Basra, and must persuade the other officials do, and even if there is a need for the construction of the dam , there are priorities likes to harness its resources, then we can review the issue of the dam. "
The Basra provincial council voted in (August 17 ​​, 2012) on the establishment of a dam on the Shatt al - Arab in Abu Flus area within the district of Abu Fertile to address the problem of salinity of the water, and owing Council decided in (26 August 2015) considered the province a disaster, but the Ministry of Water Resources has made objecting to the location set by the provincial council, and demanded that a dam at the head of Bisha area in Faw, and in (19 December 2015) the governor said Majed Nasraoui told a press conference that " the creation of the dam in a location other than Abu Flus area may cause damage, and it we demand that the ministry does not impose its views on local government, otherwise we will have another attitude. "
Referred to the Ministry of Water Resources already contracted a few years ago with an Italian company to prepare a comprehensive study on the problem of salinity of the water in Basra and how to get rid of them, the company has proposed within the study of three sites for the construction of the dam, as the consulting engineer , he said in the company 's Andrea Katarose hosted by the Council conservative (January 25 , 2012) that " the company suggests three distinct sites for the construction of the dam, the first at the entrance to the Shatt al - Arab in Faw, and the second near the port of Abu Flus in the district of Abu Fertile, and last in Ktiban located north - east of the Basra region , " noting that " The first proposal is the best but it is a dream because it requires the approval of the Iranian government, and the second location is good but having a dam which will lead to Ale_mer tracts of Iranian territory with water, causing the problem of Iran, and therefore the proposed third (Ktiban area) is the most suitable in practice ".