Transport Minister and US Ambassador discuss cooperation in the field of aviation and the completion of the port of Faw

2016/9/9 23:36

[Oan- Baghdad]

Search and Zaranakl Kazem Cup, with the US ambassador in Iraq, Douglas Silliman prospects of cooperation between the two countries.

A statement by the ministry, said the US ambassador visited the Ministry of Transport and met with the minister, and has been through discuss the prospects of cooperation and bilateral coordination in terms of ports, civil aviation and provide support and assistance in the application of international conventions and reach the standards by which they can achieve the desired goals in the work. "

The Minister of Transport according to the statement, "the need to take advantage of the possibilities and experiences of US companies that have successful experiences in the fields of aviation and ports, which can give Iraq the possibility to improve the performance and the advancement of the joints of the transport projects in the country."

"We must develop the level of workers in the ministry and the advancement of their work through the use of foreign expertise to complete the strategic projects of the ministry, especially the port of Faw, which will have a great economic future of the region."

For his part, the US ambassador "full readiness to cooperate to serve the two countries."