Cleric calls for deciding the issues of defense and interior
By aq -September 9, 2016

Treasures Media / Baghdad called on the religious authority , Muhammad Taqi school to resolve the vacant file security ministries, while stressing the need to reform the violation of laws of the Constitution. The school said in a statement today received a "Treasures of the Media": "We applaud the achievements of the Iraqi parliament last who confirmed its leading role at the age of legislation, and control over the executive power, and it makes the country more secure and the people more coherent and confident officials also establishes the constitution in the country. " He pointed to" the need to accelerate the reform of the violation of laws with the Constitution and the Shari'a and the spirit of democracy to move the country in the process of economic development. " He stressed the school on" the importance of filling the vacancy in the ministries, particularly in the ministries of defense and interior, as it should not for a country like Iraq live security and military conditions critical to keep some security their ministries vacant. "