Tamimi: granting employees leave for five years serving the government provides for the budget
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said the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al - Tamimi said Thursday that the project of granting employees leave for a period of five years , the law is a project that serves the employees and the government alike.
Said al - Tamimi told all of Iraq [where] that "this bill has been previously submitted to the State Council in 2014 , and its content was to take the employee unusual vacation but with 50% of the nominal salary, but there is an amendment received a law mentioned by Prime Minister [Haider Abadi] to be this leave salary of full call for a period of five years. "
She Tamimi " finance as a committee believe the bill is a good thing for the employee and there are a lot of them have special circumstances wishing snapped leave, but without pay , "indicating that" the employee was previously feared request leave for a long time and without salary being may affect his career and keep him as an employee surplus to need, "adding that" the state has agreed to grant employees leave for a period of five years with a salary call the whole I think it 's a good thing for them. "
She explained that" one - third of the state budget devoted to salaries With this action , there will be a decrease spending is also not affected by the overall performance of the state and perhaps even improve because we have unemployment Mqanh there are staff in large numbers , most of the workload and thus takes a vacation optional does not affect the performance of the state , so the move a good employee and the state of the parties. "