Second Regional Conference kicks off "heritage under threat" in Oman

20 minutes ago


In Oman, Jordan, on Thursday, the second Regional Conference (heritage under threat) with the participation of Iraqi ministerial delegation headed by the Minister of culture and tourism and Antiquities fryad rwandzi accompanied by Undersecretary for qais Hussein Rashid, effects and peasant Relations Department Director Hassan Shaker.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Judeh, who opened the Conference, Jordan's commitment to fully continue to make effort to protect heritage and at all levels in cooperation with all stakeholders in the international community.

The effects of quality said States are part of world heritage and what makes a collective responsibility for protecting and guaranteeing preserved for posterity, expecting to come out of the Conference recommendations are a starting point for sustained efforts aimed at sustaining the heritage care in our area and the world..

The Conference included ministerial session attended by Ministers to exchange views on the challenges facing the cultural heritage in the region, and the steps taken by Governments to address them, with a focus on developments since Cairo Declaration 2015, highlighting the areas of coordination and support opportunities.

Working Group meeting also included on two Conference, first revolved around information sharing, capacity building, strengthening the rule of law, while the latter addressed bilateral/regional cultural heritage conventions and promote collaboration in the art market, heritage, and local and international awareness campaigns, as well as the final Declaration of the Conference.