Lebanese press on Friday

Addressed the Lebanese newspapers Friday morning 09.09.2016 in Beirut several topics, most notably the cabinet meeting , which was held on Thursday in the presence of 16 ministers and the absence of ministers of the Free Patriotic Movement and Hezbollah and «Tashnaq» Culture Minister Ronnie Areiji ..
Berri: December 1 articular .. Siniora: congestion is also an Islamic
Session «Pharaonic» to the government: goalless draw ..
Ambasserottan newspaper wrote this address Ambassador says "the Cabinet meeting held yesterday, on the edge of a quorum, b« Elly remained ». True , they were hearing on the constitutionality of «pen and paper», but that did not obscure or fill the void left by the absence of key players are «Free Movement» and «Hezbollah» and «Tashnaq» and «Marada».
Perhaps it could be argued, that the absentees were the most prominent of those present, considering that the boycott reflects a national political crisis can not be ignored or neglected, though the post 16 ministers secured a numerical sense constitutional legitimacy «dry» session.
And not least the sensitivity of the government position, that fate yesterday was in the hands of Michel Pharaon , who switched between overnight from the Minister of Tourism to «King minister». Pharaoh 's government succeeded «spoiled» to save a quorum, and allowed the holding of the Council of Ministers in accordance with the requirement set by a not to discuss any item on the agenda , and therefore not to take any decision.
Thus, the meeting «skinny» seemed closer to the «Forum» to exchange views and ideas on the concept pact and how to get out of the crisis, hoping that innovates mediators solution is, restores Minister «displaced» to the government, during the expanse long holiday which begins with the Eid al - Adha and continue until the return of President Tammam Salam from his trip to the United Nations.
And even then, it was clear that the tour yesterday ended goalless , Peace did not back down and was able to hold «illegal gathering» of the Council of Ministers, the interrupters succeeded their part in pulling the backbone of the meeting and disrupt its usefulness.
But this pattern of sessions is not the kind that can be long lasting, no peace can go without «political half» the other of «Hezbollah» and «Free Movement», and the party and the mainstream Ihtmlan stay out of combining the powers of the extraordinary government Minister and President of the Republic.
It seemed clear that the party 's solidarity with Aoun, Orange County Council of Ministers «value» and prevented any attempt to single out the general basis of ill - granting understand the keenness of Hezbollah on the survival of the government, because there are those who think that the party Sagelb this concern for the requirements of the alliance gathered at the help , what some have encouraged the neglect of the demands of current and downplay his absence from the government.
Perhaps one of the advantages of this «solidarity» It relieves relatively sectarian dimension of the crisis emerging, giving it a more pronounced political meaning, the base realignment between the two teams mixed sectarian, each with his interpretation of the chartered items.
If the parking Hezbollah , along with Aoun in government battle is understandable, but the surprise was in the minister 's accession Rooney Areiji to swarm hecklers, a few days of violent confrontation between the Minister Suleiman Franjieh and Minister Gebran Bassil at the dialogue table yet.
It seems clear that the position of «Marada» reflects a desire to keep up with the party, do not Aoun, in an indication that the Bnashii still interested in maintaining the harmony with Hezbollah, although it continues to support the nomination of Gen. Franjieh account.
While ministers Sdjaan Azzi and Abdulmutallab Hinnawi detect the failure of a proposal approved by the Minister Gebran Bassil, and content linking back to the government to rescind the decision to extend the brigade Mohamed Khair and appoint a replacement officer, in exchange for acceptance of the extension of Imad Jean Kahveci .. denied «Free Movement» stated on the lips of some ministers, stressing that his initial rejection of the extension and unrelated persons or events, an achievement with the actual pact partnership to correct the imbalance and irregular functioning of institutions.
Berri, deadlines ...
Furthermore, Speaker Nabih Berri said in front of visitors yesterday that time is running out, to the beat of the institutions, one crash after another, warning that the period until next December constitutes the last chance to accomplish something on the level of achievement of the settlement, but if we get to December without that we have agreed, that means that the parliamentary elections will be a judgment on the basis of the sixty - law, as the law in force, regardless of our position on it.
Berri and asserts that holds holds parliamentary elections, even if we have to hold them on the basis of law and not the thirtieth session only, and there will be an extension for one day.
Berri and suggests that the solution may eventually come through elections , which may trigger a new dynamic that leaves mixing, drawing attention to that assumed in this case scenario is that following the parliamentary elections , the election of the Office of the Council then elected President of the Republic immediately afterwards, of course under the umbrella of compatibility, especially given that some of the emerging alliances may contribute to change the current status quo equation.
And see the President of the Council that what happened at the dialogue table is like a game of billiards, where the suspension «Free Movement» participation was aimed at hitting a ball in the government, because the problem of power is with the government and not with the dialogue table that will not hasten to be revived unless if he meets the terms of its success .
And the fact the government after an absence of a number of components of the Council of Ministers yesterday, says: Maybe we will have to get used to this situation that may be repeated.
Berri and surprised by Minister Basil warning sign any decree or decision in the absence of the power of the government, drawing attention to the ministers would not accept long that attend without having signed the decrees and decisions which they export, because it prevents Cabinet to just «bureaucracy».
Siniora ... and sensitivities
At this time, Prime Minister Fouad Siniora deny that is the instigator of the delay to prevent the Cabinet meeting yesterday, asking , in his words for «ambassador»: Will President Tammam Salam minor, Will needs of pitting it ? He adds that the charge is not unfounded, and there's always looking for a peg to hang out mistakes.
And it refers Siniora to the existence of a misunderstanding intentional Constitution , which does not leave any room for ambiguity, which clearly defines the government when it is composed should include representatives of all the ingredients, but after its formation , it is subject to parliamentary democracy rules, so that if he resigned a third of its members lose its legitimacy and its ability to The meeting, not if a number of ministers are absent.
And draws attention to the 16 ministers of all sects and trends were present at yesterday 's session, and therefore was immune to the constitution, stressing that he may not be there to be the Minister of obese and another with oil, as some promoted by those who are supposed to chartered items the government depends on his presence.
He continues: When was topple the government of Prime Minister Saad al - Hariri Sorna feeling very angry, but when Tmant in the Constitution , I found out that I'm not right in anger because he was toppling the government legitimate constitutional way through the resignation of more than a third of Ministers, apart from the political dimension of what happened.
When she told him to put the current government beyond the purely constitutional framework to translate a national crisis by Christian tension prevailing answer: It is said that there is no congestion Islamist also ... that what make him Minister Gebran Bassil awakens sensitivities when large segments of Muslims and reinforces militancy among some of them.
Siniora and surprised by what the leak about ready «Free Movement» political calm and a return to the Cabinet if the alternative to Maj . Gen. Mohammed Khair and undo the extension of his appointment, wondering: Do you have become battle shorten the existential question of Gen. good?
As usual in striking parables to convey political messages, Siniora says is true , in a speech «Free Movement» proverb: Vicky follows Ptahta Fei ..
Peace ... and resign
The community's peace , she stressed «ambassador» he exhausted the national interest, noting that he is doomed to remain in his position as the government replaced the head of the republic, and therefore it is not easy for him to take the decision to resign.
And it suggests that the debate in the Council of Ministers yesterday was characterized by responsibility and there was a fumble by all the seriousness of the situation, arguing that the absence of Hezbollah on the meeting prevents the government crisis chartered items as he was trying to portray «Free Movement» to the political.
Circles and warned of the risks of going too far in disrupting the government at this time, drawing attention to that there are imminent financial benefits, you must fulfill it.
How the government saved as a "water faces"
Lineups situational session did not violate the outlawed
Newspaper Alnharotnaolt day internal affairs she wrote , "if you will that the Cabinet meeting yesterday with all witnessed from the circumstances of the positions and alignments have their results and their implications to save the government from collapse almost be investigators, that can only have been the product of a " recipe " was named with the session" chartered items and consultative " to keep the water in crisis and faces the draft, not a wolf died hecklers and technical sheep participants, but the government actually came out and actually overloaded impasse is growing and putting the country in front of more mazes and repercussions.
At this meeting , which barely saved two - thirds quorum compulsory to be held by a recalcitrant attested to the Prime Minister Tammam Salam and the ministers who refuse to exercise disruption, restored political alignments were blown away by the presidential battle and dictated temporarily at least accounts such as those that made ​​ministers of the "Free Patriotic Movement" and Tashnaq and "Party God "and" Marada "Aotlfon in a scene clips of the session like the boycott which they adopt sessions election of the President of the Republic. But that did not obscure the fact that other parallel is that the "Party of God" and "Marada" moratorium , along with hecklers without abandoning the government considered a red line not allowed to exceed. A position that found direct translation in a statement : "Fidelity to the Resistance , " which emphasized the conviction bloc necessity of the continuation of the government in carrying out its responsibilities and disclosure before making connections to restore things to normal, explaining the rationale call the "Party of God" to postpone the hearing and the lack of participation and Sir them. The bloc also called for the resumption of the national dialogue "as a necessity and the interest of all the Lebanese components."
She summarized the ministerial sources for "daylight" the conclusion of the hearing yesterday said that the government met on despite the absence of more than one of its components, pointing out that the constitutionality of the meeting and Mithaqitha are not the decisions issued by but Banakadha. He noted that the "Party of God" and Zarah , who missed on the meeting did not challenge the meaning that his absence does not mean loss of chartered items Shiite, and the absence of the ministers of the "Free Patriotic Movement" does not mean a loss of Christian chartered items. She described the absence of the ministers of the party that came to power after the support held contacts at the highest levels of the representatives of General Michel Aoun , with the party that chose absence timer from the government not to save them all, but to save the parliamentary dialogue as well. She explained that the absence of the Minister "Marada" Rooney Areiji was also in solidarity with the "Party of God". According to a consensus that prevailed the meeting yesterday, especially from the Shiite side that the pact is not a mood. He revealed that a proposal to move the proxy to the meeting spend reneging on extending the mandate of the Secretary General of the Supreme Council for the Defence Maj . Gen. Mohammed Khair in exchange for acceptance of the extension of the army commander of the Armed Forces, but the board unanimously rejected the proposal on the grounds that the government is not in Ward undo the decisions it had previously approved on her. She stressed the rejection of the resignation of the government the option to turn to the caretaker government and the president in the position of peace stand in defense of the institution that is the last qualified to deal with the international community. He noted that the government has entered since yesterday on vacation weeks may continue unless paid off communications in its return to the session.
The sources reported details about the course of the meeting , he said that the insistence of the Prime Minister to be held, and claim the "Party of God" postponed, the meeting took place on the edge of a quorum and turned into a meeting to discuss the political crisis. And thus not broken prime minister , who insisted the team of ministers to be held, and did not break from being boycotted. As the minister Michel Pharaon is not broken, it was refuses to secure a quorum, and came back and turned into a security after a consultative meeting without an agenda and decisions. In his speech he said that he avoided his presence threatened peace president to resign and continue to manage the government wished consensus.
It is reported that Interior Minister Nihat Hanged , who missed the previous meeting, he announced in his speech that he attended a protest at what used Minister Gebran Bassil in dialogue style is inclusive and nationally. He stressed that the base of this meeting . "Assimilation, not confrontation , " considering that we are in the government of troubled crisis in light of the presidential vacuum, and that the dialogue session is "part of a major national crisis in the country."
It is learned that the rams which government department almost led to the resignation of its president , who link the survival Pantajitha. The Prime Minister was not alone in the confrontation. And stood with him a number of ministers Boutros Harb lead , the minister refused to "blackmail." He said in an intervention wounds: "No one of us has a desire to stay in these days the government in light of subsequent insults us from the people and political forces after some degradation caused a political level to the point where one of us ashamed to say that politician." He added: "If the team was able to disable it in the Council of Ministers contrast , there is another team that can volatilize cabinet and I personally did not handle it anymore and will not blame us in the future in the event of a repeated issue if we put resignations to the state president."
The sources confirmed that the IPO , which gave as an adjustment to be rolled back for the extension of the brigade Mohamed Khair in exchange for turning a blind eye for an extension to the commander of the Army of the Armed Forces and the refusal was carrying Major General Abbas Ibrahim through mediation assumed by a peace president was rejected, as requested by the Minister Nihat Hanged transferred to President Saad Hariri and the "future Movement" but he refused on the grounds that the extension for the good of the appointment came after the failure of the Council of Ministers may not be back on the decisions taken by the government. Having been denied the "mainstream" sources of knowledge of this proposal as soon as its prevalence, repeat the "mainstream" This exile later statement in which he stressed the "principled position of rejection of the extension , " calling Who cares productivity of government "that runs numerous stalled its files relating to the affairs of the people , such as electricity, water, oil and communications transportation and other inactivated by taking into account the special interests on the interest expense of the people. "
The news
Kahveci postpone layoffs to the last hour
News newspaper Alabarkme addressed domestic affairs , she wrote , " to postpone the demobilization of the army chief is a reality because of undeclared argument: The Cabinet does not want to appoint a successor. Third commander in the nearly three decades, in the same period after Emile Lahoud, Michel Suleiman. Between 1959 and 1989 for three similar contracts punish the leaders of eight.
Plans and Defense Minister Samir Moqbel guide book to the Prime Minister Tammam Salam in the next few days, requesting the appointment of a new army chief before September 30, the date of referral of the current commander of the Armed Forces to retire.
As well as for the new head of the pillars of a successor , Major General Walid Salman , who is no longer the law allows him to stay in office. He envisaged his exhausted legal deadlines before reaching the end of this month, during a meeting of the Council of Ministers appointed commander of the army before he offers is , in turn, in case the Council fails to expire, to sign the decision to postpone the layoffs Kahveci for the third time, is the last one year.
It may be necessary Kahveci leadership of the army for nine years ends on September 30 2017 along the lines of General Emile Lahoud (1989 1998) and General Michel Suleiman (1998 , 2008).
Advantaged so that the date for the next meeting of the Council of Ministers will not be before September 29 because of the absence of the prime minister for the country, for his participation in the work of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York in the second half of this month. It will not be in the cabinet expanded, in the light of the test it yesterday from the transformation to take place to a session of consultation only, healing again in the September 15 and 22 thereof, which attaches bit the fate of the army commander to a possible hearing in September 29, a few hours before being forwarded and Salman on retirement.
However , it is not expanded in the future to take the vote before September 29, before the exhaustion of procedural power options, even though the decision to postpone the inevitable layoffs, before midnight that day.
This trend reflects the following data:
1 In the event invited the Council of Ministers to convene, she holds him and Defense Minister Maronites three officers are the oldest names rank candidates for the leadership, and three similar candidates for chief of staff. Indeed , the expectation session to discuss Alasthakakin together illusory.
2 is different from dealing with the post of army chief from that chief of staff , who Estmhl until after September 30, and until after referral Salman retirement and he left the army and then vacant chief of staff for some time, cooled him the hearts of the angry on the action can not be delayed: the decision Kahveci postpone layoffs.
3 may not be a government of peace exam compared to yesterday 's meeting of each session will be followed. He interpreted the absence of the ministers of Hezbollah , which is basically what can be deduced from the meeting that solidarity with President Michel Aoun , rather than a negative message to the peace, especially since the party said in more than one occasion that he is against the vacuum in the leadership of the army in the gallery support in return appointed commander new Army. Which makes participation in any potential meeting to appoint a president of the inevitability of staff, but after the passage of the postponement of the demobilization of the army chief because of Tiguenh can not appoint a successor to him in the present. Yesterday was valid in Hezbollah County byword when General Druze: «you have risked». Not only.
4 , despite attending the verge of issuing its decision, but it is obliged to go to the prime minister and ask him a cabinet session to determine the short time remaining from the state Kahveci. Without the failure of the Council can not postpone the layoffs , which affect not only the army, but also the presidency of the military junta in anticipation dismissed, until September 29, the appointment of a new head of the pillars which replaces the commander in his absence, while there is not permissible replace the chief of staff, or replace the chief of staff and commander of the army in their absence.
5 Pat should be dealing with the postponement Kahveci demobilize the fact that he holds is, quite separate from the problem that the government complaining of them at the present time, including related ministers prepared FPM ignore the role of the Christian component.
Similarly , he said Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri yesterday evening, in front of visitors, that the current suspension of participation in the national dialogue failed to exercise due in particular dialogue, how much they had brought a message directly to the peace and his government. Addressing neighbor to hear the nacelle. Berry used the phrase: They put on dialogue balls , but they want the Tabah government. So the dialogue was suspended and will not come back to him before they change. This time I will not go to them, but they were to come to me . He also said: what happened in an interview Monday pun to volatilize the government. I will not go back to the dialogue in the same way.
16 between illusion Aoun and missed opportunities hearing Facts
Aoun asked Nasrallah solidarity and Hezbollah connection Palmrdh .. and «chartered items Peace» blast away
Newspaper Alloabdorha addressed the brigade 's internal affairs , and she wrote , "the Cabinet meeting exceeded yesterday the profit and loss accounts, after the concerned income in the face of facts beyond the « constitutional pact session », the president shall mean Tammam Salam, who Sarh Minister dimensions resulting from failure to elect a new President of the Republic, and the suspension of the national dialogue sessions, seeking to paralyze the government «link legitimate and official», which is still linking the Lebanese, and expresses KJPot state and society in Lebanon.
Truths imposed by the consultative discussions:
1. that the country is in crisis, is turning into a dilemma, the government today «troubled government and the government of the crisis because no president» and talking to Interior Minister Nihat Hanged.
2. The Minister of Christians involved in the government 's «feel insults consecutive times to the point of detracting from the representation (6% of Christians), according to the media Aoun, and the statements of the President of the Free Patriotic Movement , Gebran Bassil.
Thus, it was delayed and Communications Minister Boutros Harb of the word before the meeting «not one of us has a desire to stay in these days the ministry in light of subsequent insults us from the people and political forces after some degradation caused a political level».
3. It is true that peace , the President stressed that he would give way for further consultation in the current crisis to give new opportunities to find solutions, but in return stressed that « the productivity of government is a key factor in the survival», adding that «we should not ignore the consequences of disruption and I hope that everyone is aware The lack of productivity of the government raises legitimate question about the feasibility of continuing ».
If this speech included that President peace will not remain prime minister if there is no possible chance of finding solutions, he denied ministerial source told« brigade »to be a peace president waved to resign, and he puts it in his pocket over a year ago.
he asked this source «if we get to the resignation of the government point to whom they offer to resign, impossible from a constitutional standpoint , » adding «Is it possible that the president goes peace to the United Nations and his government resigned?».
4. It is true that the meeting contradicted and it confirmed that it continues , and that its chairman will not be subject to blackmail the forces that intersection, but took into account the reality of the crisis in the country and did not intervene in the discussion of the agenda and merely discuss the crisis and circumstances and considerations.
5. it is a fact , too, that the non - participation of the Minister of culture Rooney Areiji, according to the statement , which was issued by the It did not come as a matter of solidarity with «FPM», but he came on the basis allow more consultations to find a solution to the current political crisis.
the most prominent position Areiji announcing his willingness to attend the first meeting called by the Prime Minister.
6. thus , overall , the Province ministers from Hezbollah and the non - participation of the minister Areiji related hearing itself and not a position of the government.
hours before the meeting ,
the information «brigade» that hour bus communications took place prior to the meeting, less than 24 hours, and most notably the prolonged contact, conducted by Prime «bloc reform and change »MP Michel Aoun Secretary General for« Hezbollah »Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, and asked him where solidarity with the ministers of the current« and Tashnaq »declare the party boycott of the session.
According to sources of information that Aoun contact came against the backdrop save our coalition, understanding signed between the two parties in 2006, which press rules Aounist the liberation him what the party did not stand by the current in the difficult stage of his political career, in order to «pact and partnership».
it adds information that this contact had a resonance for Mr. Nasrallah , who echoes in inappropriate that «FPM» we have it, in the position of solidarity in the July 2006 war with the party.
in the information that Mr. Nasrallah Minister party instructed the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mohammad Fneish contact with President peace has happened this communication such as the eighth of Wednesday evening, on the eve of the meeting.
he informed Fneish peace that the party will not attend the cabinet meeting held on Thursday. According to the novel «Hezbollah» peace president surprised the letter informing them of «Hezbollah», echoed by the party 's request not to hold the meeting to pave the way for further communication. The President informed the peace and Minister of the party said the cabinet decision of the meeting two weeks ago, and that he could not undo the hearing.
It adds the party information that the Haret Hreik made ​​contact with Bnashii and asked «Hezbollah» across the political aide of the party, join the minister Areiji to hecklers and this is what happened actually, he lost Areiji in the framework of coordination with the party and not «FPM».
in about provide a quorum for the session, it has had contacts with the Hanged minister , who confirmed his attendance to the Serail and participate in the hearing, as well as with the Minister Michel Pharaon, which provided constitutional quorum 16 a minister or two thirds of the members of the government, according to the decree forming, which is linked to his presence that the meeting be consultative and not to make decisions.
the Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah Sheikh Naim Qassem at graduation held by the Great Prophet Institute yesterday evening, that the party ceremony made ​​efforts to stop the deterioration in the country, noting that the issue of the presidency way limited to have two years have passed and we are still at square one , even years passed , we will find ourselves in the same box.
in any case will not hold the cabinet meeting next Thursday in the 15 current and Thursday the next 22 month, and that the reasons related to that accommodation in front of consultations to find the exits, as well as the president traveling peace to New York to head Lebanon 's delegation at the United Nations General Assembly on Sunday in the 18 current on returning to Lebanon either Thursday 22 or Friday 23 this month.
cabinet meeting lasted an hour and a half, and made ​​the minister all in bucket, under the solidarity apparent with the president of peace, and screwing on his hands in terms of patience, and ischemia, and Mithaqith, and did not officially set a date for the next session, though all eyes are on September 29 th, any one day before the expiration of the mandate of the Chief of Staff Maj . Gen. Walid Soliman and the appointment of the Chairman new Chiefs of Staff , if the meeting did not take place, it becomes natural to take over one of his deputies , the oldest in service this post until his appointment as integral to the corners.
as for the army commander, stressed defense Minister Samir Moqbel during the meeting that if the situation continues as it is , I am compelled to do Beslahiati and I will take the decision to delay the demobilization of the army commander of the Armed Forces.
He kissed and pointed out that there is a crisis besetting the economic situation, and did not hide his Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil emergence of a problem with some salaries at the end of the year, indicating that we are compelled to issue a «Eurobonds» bonds . we have no time off from government so, it required about $ 7 billion from the year 2017.
he called the Minister of Labour Sdjaan Azzi fortifying government through contacts with ministers Almatcfhin because each minister and his weight in the government, stressing that the government resigned in the rule of the Constitution.
he called on the Minister of administrative development Nabil de Freij to change name the government of the government of national interest to take into account other interests.
She stressed the Minister of Displacement Alice Hbtini in a lengthy talk on the provision of a quorum for the meetings of the government to be able to make decisions, and wished the minister Basil not dragging the country to a very dangerous trend, warning «federal» which warned them also the Minister Khalil. the
fall of the settlement
revealed Khalil for a settlement that would have an extension of Imad Kahveci and appoint a replacement for Maj . Gen. Mohammed Khair , who for his release.
In the information that this director proposed by the Director General of the General security , Major General Abbas Ibrahim , however , that declining defense minister postponed layoffs Maj good, and that the Council of Ministers appointed secretary-general integral to defend his place, as opposed to silence Aoun movement for extension of Imad Kahveci. According to the nonpartisan information that the head of the government did not accept this ballot also rejected by the mound , especially in terms of extension Kahveci. The question now is what is hopefully the end of the month session, whether to hold or not?
According to political sources, the crane cabinet to hold a hearing will be the return of dialogue convened table . Otherwise, the session may remain is also threatened, this knowing that the financial and administrative benefits will be pressing before early October for the meeting and take the necessary decisions in terms of both headed by the Lebanese University where it ends current President Dr. Adnan Hussein on 13 October, as the mandate of the President of the permanent military Court , Brigadier Khalil Ibrahim expire on the tenth of next month, and to be an alternative set to him, or a decision to postpone the discharge , too, as well as the appointment of a new army chief, and the appointment of Director General of social Affairs, and the extension of Dr. certain Hamza , secretary-general of the National Council for scientific Research.
did not wish sources predict things mortgaged Booqatha, but a senior source in the forces told « Major General »to postpone decisions in the Council of Ministers delay the explosion of the situation on the ground, ruling for understanding with the free Patriotic Movement , who will not attend the next cabinet meeting which is going to escalate. He pointed out this source that the prime minister becomes awkward if his government has been unable to convene and make decisions.
The sources of Rabieh talked about that the director concerning the election of MP Aoun , President of the Republic, otherwise Valtiar considers himself in the face of an open respect for the partnership, and that the escalation on the table the decision contained in each minutes.
he pointed out the leader of the free Patriotic movement , former Minister Mario Aoun's «brigade» that there are serious in preparing for anything and that no reliance positively on any particular move can be done to remedy the situation.
in a related context, Aoun said that what is needed is an understanding when we demand that Hezbollah made ​​his move yesterday without being asked to do a so and he came under vent congestion, and the Minister of Marada solidarity with the ministers of the party 's position, stressing that the lack of respect the pact and the other partner in the homeland is unacceptable and there are concerns must all be taken into account .
and , as regards the «pact» political sources with great interest stopped when the revelations Patriarchal Vicar Bishop Samir Mazloum , the pact will mean the election of the president of the Republic, narrated any chartered items speak after two years of continuing the presidential vacancy.
The Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi stressed that the National Charter is the spirit of the Constitution, and the Constitution without the spirit is dead letter, pointing out that the Constitution today likely many interpretations lead to ruin.
the MP Aoun sent to Bkirki both MPs grace of God Abi Nasr and Hikmat Dib to put the patriarch in the atmosphere of the movements of the media mainstream and popular in the street.
turn , mass «Loyalty to the resistance» felt that understanding and understanding constitute the only entrance to end the crisis in the country , the desired solution is the resumption of dialogue, taking into account the national balance and national partnership and respect for the requirements of coexistence and resorting to the Constitution and the national Accord document without any selectivity or discretion.
at this time remained waste reeling and living files awaiting processing. Informed sources said that the head of the Phalange MP Sami Gemayel hold a press conference in the next few days talking about what it reached communications about the reopening of the landfill Bourj Hammoud, and the amended plan and the role of municipalities. Phalanges sources revealed that further meetings will be held with the municipal civil, economic and bodies until the party takes a decision reopening the landfill.
Kerry meets Lavrov in Geneva after stalling ... and the US raid to kill the leaders of the victory
Russian and Syrian ambassadors: the achievements of the field and political settlement packages Arjuhan
Hezbollah seize the initiative in restoring the situation to the government quorum understandings
Newspaper Bannaesahevh construction She wrote " the days of exile and to stress and confusion and Aldla in Washington yet, said US State Department to meet with Minister John Kerry , Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and the announcement came after questioning convening the State itself and the Ministry took part in it by talking about the Ajdoah, having won minister Kerry Arrows appeal credible and question the eligibility of the US Department of defense , which has cracked down on the chances of understanding with Moscow, calling the concessions unexplained, the consequences of the US State move to the West naysayers understanding the loss of American skeptics goal of the campaign and face the break up of understanding they want a hypothesis, but they want to bid on it to achieve more of the Interior points, as the American acceptance says in partnership to meet the entire US on the grounds held the starting signal for understanding between Moscow and Washington and the start of implementation of the cease-fire in Aleppo and the opening of crossings under conditions not benefit the militants, during the holiday period, the US and acceptance here is no longer possible to see Kanfrad of Foreign under speak Alceccheki declared of the Ministry of defense, and this is confirmed by anticipating the announcement of the meeting of the State along with an affiliate of the alliance led by Washington , through the Ministry of defense to launch strikes targeting a meeting of the leading group Front victory aircraft, which led to the deaths of three of its leaders , led by the military Msaolha in Aleppo Abu Omar Sracb, the first American raid on sites for a victory, the first clash between US units and the group victory. Thus the first translator of the Russian demand for permanent American grandfather and effective engagement in the war on victory, to become the meeting , which brings together today in Geneva both ministers Kerry and Lavrov expression of a serious chance to advertise to reach understanding and according to the rules, to ensure the partnership in the war on terror and open the door to characterize groups armed wishing to engage in the same political solution and areas of their existence for the victory and locations.
preponderance of the settlement was the conclusion reached by the «construction symposium» around the world and the region on the eve of the US presidential election, which was attended by Russian Alexander Sasapkin and Syrian Ali Abdul Karim Ali Ambassadors and researchers Drs Talal TA and Muhammad Noordin and stopped in front of variables that sustained the concept of American unilateralism, and meet the concept of the national state and the right of independence, and the proportion of the balance of power resulting from the confrontations that took place over the years between the two opposing, and the emergence of the alliance led by Russia of independent States adhering blocks rights of sovereign and standards of international law in the face of the project American hegemony , which employs in his account Otmaa colonial and illusions of the roles and access to employment of terrorist groups. The war on Syria , the most prominent and the most brutal and the most important manifestations and arena battles interval, so that multi - world became a polar reality and not Tmanaa and a dream, and became the US recognizing the need to engage adjustments, says understanding the US's nuclear program, the participants joined with what ambassadors Sasepkin and Ali Abdul Karim for consideration successive achievements in the Syrian field to calculate the Syrian state and its allies to direct Russian support, and with it the political firmness in adhering to the terms of the settlement are consistent with the sovereignty and rules of the war on terrorism , concepts, and the translation of international legality standards, the basic elements that explain the one hand shifts and variables surrounding the situation in Syria, and within it the confusion Turkish incapable of imposing ceilings on the new scene, which is available in front of positioning under the ceilings to reserve a seat in the settlement that respects the sovereignty and unity of Syria, and make it point to go interview opportunities the American language reconciliations most Rjuhana cuff. Publishes construction tomorrow and proceedings of the symposium and published by tomorrow evening Top News channel on its YouTube.
Lebanese, Hezbollah fought the midst of his choice test intentions in government affairs, as an arena to explore the limits of the decision escalation which the Future Movement wanted to translate it from running back to the province 's chief ally , the party represented by the National Movement free, in spite of the efforts of Hezbollah by the decision of joining the county to reach a compromise based on the postponement of the cabinet meeting , or simply turning a session for trading in the public affairs of the state away from the agenda pending work on the settlement of the dispute that caused boycott the FPM. It came Hezbollah 's central province constipation Bkalaken actors, and one of his campaign message , which represented Post Marada Hezbollah boycott, although it connect in solidarity with the Free Patriotic Movement under the confused relations between Marada and the Aounists after sparring in recent session of the National Dialogue Committee between the presidents of the two currents Ministers Gebran Basil and Suleiman Franjieh, Hezbollah says those who must understand that when it comes to the future of the equation that is a party centered Vhlvae Party are allies find them when their request, and no vibration affects the relationship allies no matter how strained relations between them, or varied reasoning and varied attitudes, the party remains inclusive them, and rally around him when he Asctaron target even indirectly, and calls to deliver a message of solidarity to where it is needed. On the other interview Hezbollah is based on the second brake is no need for his participation in the province which egg weighbridges political equation, and what is represented by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri in the internal equation, and the representation of the movement of government hope, Spoiler any privately wants to go down the challenge and provocation across the cabinet platform, the alliance between the Party Hezbollah and Amal deeper and more far - reaching of government affairs. And when it is boycotting the party is no longer a hub province and its relationship to the subject of solidarity with the Free Patriotic Movement and the Amal movement and assess its position on the current performance of his ministers and political affairs the way, especially after they witnessed the dialogue table. The issue here becomes a strategic ally , which is Hezbollah, for some reason is not the most important, is boycotting the cabinet meeting, constitutes ignored his provocative each of his allies and Amal guarantee this does not happen.
Read dual - party message, the presence of the Amal movement and the absence of Marada, to return the heat to the communications and time Available for more with the failure of holidays and occasions to travel to vent tensions and the search for the exits, and the use of experience friend narrow time, Speaker of the House of rounded corners.
consultative meeting of the government have
not led communications and efforts and mediations led by more than one party until midnight on the first Wednesday to persuade Prime Minister Tammam peace, to postpone the cabinet meeting , which was held today who attended after he secured the record straight, in the presence of 16 ministers and the absence of ministers of the free Patriotic Movement and Hezbollah and «Tashnaq» culture Minister Ronnie Areiji.
Fneish: Introduction to resolve the crisis
, said Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mohammad Fneish's «construction »« We asked the president of peace, not to convene the meeting and not turn it into a consultative meeting, but was held without several components did not take any decisions did not discuss the agenda of the decision, and therefore this option is available and least constricting and a challenge to the forces of the provincial and positive introduction and gesture to resolving things and help stress relief pending the communications traffic to find a solution to the crisis imposed on all those involved in the crisis to contribute to show flexibility and positive show to get to the exits of the problem ».
and Hezbollah Options in the province of future meetings if the communications did not succeed in finding a way out of the crisis, Fneish pointed out that we« will not anticipate things and we have plenty of time until the next meeting, but we are keen to address the problems of the remaining government continues and we are not with the dropping or turn it into a caretaker, because we are keen on the stability of the country. » On the subject of the extension to the commander of the current army Fneish said: «not come late to this matter and await communications».
Loyalty to the Resistance: Dialogue opportunity
and confirmed bloc «Loyalty to the Resistance» that the national dialogue is a realistic opportunity for all parties to reach a national processors country out of the tunnel persistent political crisis, because the alternative option for continuing the dialogue will result in a judgment to the complexity of the crisis and prolong whatever the balance of power between the parties at present or in the future ».
She called the block to« return everyone to continue the national dialogue and action needed to achieve this as soon as possible contacts »and felt that « the required solution requires taking into account the national balance and true partnership, and the insistence of everyone to respect the requirements of coexistence and resorting to the Constitution and the National Accord document without any selectivity or discretion».
connections until after the holiday
and learned «constructive» that the peace refused to request Fneish postponed the hearing the excuse that called for the hearing and can not back down, but he requested time to make some contacts with other powers in the government to come back later and has Fneish his decision to hold the hearing.
she said well - informed government sources on the peace position for «constructive» that «Hezbollah and Marada did not talk on the pact in the previous sessions and their stance yesterday to boycott is the solidarity of a political and not Charters », but pointed out that« part of the communications will begin after the Eid holiday to re - did the government reunification and another portion will be launched after peace returns from New York to back the government the beginning of October to its natural, if only led political escalation Patriotic Movement free to put unhealthy ». ,
and peace , threatening to quit
Taking sources denied asylum peace to resign option, peace declared in the beginning of the meeting that he would give way for further consultation in the current crisis to give new opportunities to find solutions, he pointed out, waving to resign« the government productivity is a key factor in survival, and we must not ignore the consequences of disruption and I hope that everyone understands that the government 's lack of productivity raises legitimate question about the feasibility of continuing ».
Areiji: No decision to boycott the government
said culture Minister Ronnie Areiji for« constructive »that« our position not to attend the Council session Minister aim to contribute to reducing the frequency of seizures and convenience for resolving the crisis, but we did not boycott the government , but we decided not to attend this session only and therefore not a decision we have to boycott cabinet sessions », adding« we did not participate in the telecommunications resolve pact subject, because we are not part of the emerging problem, adding networking permanent coordination with Hezbollah at the government level and with the other components in the government and will not pre - empt our position toward future meetings ».
the Areiji« we are with the principle of appointment to the Council of Ministers to the commander of the army and other security leaders, but if you can not appointment will not accept obtaining a vacuum in the organization military ».
Azzi: the survival of the government maintain its legitimacy
, said the Minister of Labour Sdjaan Azzi's« constructive »that« the meeting was constitutional privilege and political par excellence and productivity without privilege », and pointed out that« the government will not resign », wondering if peace decided to resign, who will resign in the absence of the president? Azzi explained that the current government value Under the current circumstances is not a productivity - sized Despite the necessity and the importance of activating and productivity, but the significance of their existence and survival and continuity to preserve what remains of the legitimate and constitutional institutions in the country ».
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