Immigration Announces Removal and relocation of displaced people in 1100 from Syria into Iraq

Shafaq News / The Ministry of Displacement and Migration on Friday for evacuation and transfer (1100) displaced Iraqis from Hol camp of the province of Hasaka in Syria to the ministry camp in the area of ​​science in Salahuddin province.
Representations ministry department official in the province of Kurdistan, Iyad Mohammed Husseini, said in a press statement responded to the Twilight News, "About 1,100 displaced Iraqis arrived ministry camp in the area of ​​science in Salahuddin province." He said the ministry has allocated 32 buses to take them from Hol camp in Syria and across Fishkhabour crossing to the ministry camp in the district of science, noting that a committee of the ministry's branch in Arbil accompanied the convoy move the displaced for three days until their arrival in the ministry camps in Salahuddin province. He pointed out that the ministry provided the displaced while traveling from Syria to Iraq to (500) Fast food basket.